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Ireland – Irish Chicken Stew

Around the World in 12 Dishes

Irish Chicken StewIreland’s cuisine seems to be such a good match for us, since on top of the soda bread we found more highly interesting things, such as Irish Chicken and Dumplings, recipe to be found on Allrecipes again. There original recipe calls for a baking mix to make the dumplings, since we had not idea what that mix was and probably only is available in the US anyway, we decided to scrap the dumplings, since the rest of the dish can stand on its own.

Cutting celeryOf course when there is something to chop or cut, Nico is not far with his trusted knife (as usual no sharp knives are being handled by him and even with the dull butter knife he is under constant surveillance!), starting out with one of the hardest vegetables to cut – celery. He tried to cut, then he tried to hack and when he tried to go for the chainsaw, we put a stop to it. Since he doesn’t touch onions anymore (he does not like to cry) and the carrots are just plain too hard, I took care of the rest of the cutting, while Nico took over the pouring of things into the pot.

Pouring chicken soupFirst off the cream of chicken soup (he was very diligent to get every little bit out)…

Seasoning…then the celery, onions and carrots. He added the water and then helped with the spices as well, he is really good when it comes to holding a spoon straight and calm, so we can pour whatever has to be poured in. After that it was a lot of waiting, one and a half hours for the chicken to cook and then another half hour with the carrots and potatoes added in, so overall a pretty boring dish, when it comes to watching it cook. Next up I shredded the chicken and put it back in the pot together with the frozen peas (they give such a nice pop of flavour compared to the canned ones) and after a few more minutes it was done!

Nico eatingLucky for us, Nico is a big, big fan of soups and stews (and chicken and potatoes and carrots and…you catch my drift), so this one was a big hit, too, making Ireland 2 for 2 in his book!

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