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Foam sheet Easter eggs

Foam sheet easter eggs(March 7, 2012) Easter is coming, so here is a quick toddler craft we made last year but forgot to post about. I got foam sheet egg shapes at the dollar store and asked Nico if he wanted to decorate them for Easter.

Foam sheet Easter eggs - makingAs usual he picked the color of the egg and the paint, I poured some on a tray and gave him a paint brush, he wasn’t to interested so I gave him a cork to stamp, he liked that. We added glitter to the wet paint, then he wanted to add feathers because eggs are from chickens and they have feathers, so we put some glue where he wanted and he glued them how he wanted. He also thought the feathers needed paint and went ahead and painted them. And of course like everything he does, it needed eyes, so he picked them out and glued them on. Voilà! :)

Foam sheet Easter eggs - deliveryHe then went on to deliver the pink one to his grandma Dada and the green one to her friend.

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