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Toilet paper roll building blocks

(April 11, 2013) Nico loves when we buy a big pack of toilet paper because it’s a nice seat in the shopping cart. Normally he brings it in the house and the bathroom, then he’s happy to have done his job. Today, before dinner, he wanted to open the whole pack and play with it, since we had ordered in, we just played until it arrived.

Toilet paper roll building blocks - small towerHe learned that he had to put them on straight or it would fall, which at first he was rather unhappy about but eventually he remembered how much fun it was to knock it down and it was all good again. He also learned about the Pisa tower which he called pizza, he asked what it was, I told him a real tower in Italy that leans but doesn’t fall, he thought it was cool. Wanting to build higher he even got the step ladder.
Toilet paper roll building blocks - construction zoneHe also made sure the construction zone was secure and well indicated ;)
Toilet paper roll building blocks - wallHe also grouped them, made little walls and he learned that towers stay up higher if you lean them against the wall!

You wonder why I let him do it? Well, he’s having fun, learning, building and in terms of blocks they are the softest out there, no? It also technically cost me nothing since I needed some anyways.

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