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Finland – Perunarieska (Potato flat bread) (Regular & sweet)

Around the World in 12 DishesPerunarieskaAs you probably have noticed with Ireland and France, we have a new “thing” going, baking a traditional bread for every country and both the Irish Soda Breads and the French Breads were a big hit, so when looking at our next destination Finland, we had a pretty big variety of breads to choose from and we went with something of the name of Perunarieska, which basically is a potato flat bread (just sounds so much better in Finnish!).

You can find our colouring placemat right here and the passport right here (the cover for the passport is right here for you!).

I found this great and easy recipe on Carina-Forum, which looked perfect for a preschooler to help (and if you’ve been following our culinary journeys, then you already know that Nico is quite advanced in the kitchen for his age).

Perunarieska - PotatoesThe first step was mashed potatoes, a favourite of Nico’s, both in the making and in the eating. While he could not really help with the peeling of the potatoes, he was right there with his knife to cut them, which unfortunately did not quite work out due to the potatoes being pretty hard. Once they were cooked, though, he went to town with the potato masher, putting his whole 30 lbs of muscle (I swear, there is not an ounce of fat on that kid!) into it. After that we had to wait until they would cool down.

Perunarieska Dough 1Just before the potatoes were ready, we started with the second step by mixing baking powder with flour.

Perunarieska - Dough 2

In a separate bowl we then mixed the egg (Nico loves cracking them and is very good at it, too), salt, sugar and butter before adding the potatoes, stirring it all well together. Next up we gradually added the flour mix, while continuing to mix it into a dough and let it stand for about 20 minutes to rest and rise.

Perunarieska - Rolling and cuttingAfter that we put the dough on our work surface and halved it, before Nico helped rolling it all out and then use the cookie cutters he had chosen to make little fun breads. For the second part of the dough we wanted to try our sweet variation again and once more our trusted friends sugar and cinnamon came into play, which we mixed right into the remaining dough. Then we repeated the same steps as above. Everything was carefully transferred to a parchment paper lined baking sheet, pierced with a fork to avoid them from ballooning up and then baked for about 15-20 minutes at 425 F or until
slightly golden.


Cinnamon PerunarieskaAs always we deem a recipe a success, when Nico actually eats what he helped us create, and Perunarieska is an addition to the “Win” column :)

Perunarieska - Nico eating

And while he, as usual, is the purist, we opted for a different variation, a sandwich, which worked out great as well, the potato dough gives the bread a completely different texture than what you normally get in a bread, but it is most definitely a success!

Perunarieska - Sandwich

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