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Kids On the Go! – Wonder Mountain Fun Park, Moody, Maine, USA

Kids on the Go!It’s PlayDrMom again!  This time I’m here to tell you about a great place we stopped on our travels in the Northeast U.S.

On our grand adventure in New England we spent one night, 2 days in Ogunquit, Maine.  I choose to make this stop on our trip because my parents brought me and my sister to the area a few times when we were kids … and I wanted to share it with my OWN kids!  It’s a beautiful place by the sea … literally … that’s what the word “Ogunquit” means!  If you get a chance to visit the area make sure to spend some time on the Ogunquit Beach and take a walk on the Marginal Way to Perkins Cove.  The area is filled with cute shops (some touristy, some quaint and artsy) and wonderful places to get a bite to eat (like Barnacle Billy’s or Oarweed).  If your looking for a nice place to stay, I recommend the Ogunquit River Inn.  It’s reasonably priced for the area, family friendly,  clean, has a friendly staff, and your stay includes a continental breakfast and a shuttle to town and the beach.

On the way we arrived into the area we had a bit of time to kill until we could check in so we headed to …

Wonder Mountain Fun Park in Moody, ME

Wonder Mountain Fun Park changed a bunch since the last time I went (some 20 years ago!).  Before it was simply a pretty cool mini golf place, now it is much more!  Along with TWO “extreme” 18-Hole Miniature Golf Courses, they also have an arcade and a very cool human maze!  I was VERY impressed with the value at the Fun Park.  For only $12 per child they got to play a round of golf, use $3 worth of tokens in the arcade, and go through the maze.  All 3 activities took us over 2 hours … well worth the $24 spent in a tourist town! (prices do differ for adults and rates go up after 4pm)  Plus, it’s located right on Route 1, had plenty of convenient parking, decent restrooms, and friendly staff.

part of the courseHenry sets up a shotWonder Mountain Fun Park Waterfallspinner station

The Mini Golf courses feature waterfalls, streams, bridges, caves, and beautiful gardens.  They also have “spinner stations” on each hole for additional fun for players of all ages.  We didn’t add this part to our own game, but I could see it to be a fun way to “mix things up” if you’d played the course before OR to neutralize the score when played with mixed age or skill levels.  Both kids had a lot of fun giving it their best shot out on the easier of the two courses.

game room

The arcade isn’t huge, but it’s filled with many of the most popular games that are in most current game rooms.  It’s similar to other arcades in that you use the tokens to play the games (the games took between 1 and 4 tokens to play, each token was $0.25) and you can earn tickets from the games in which you can turn in to get small prizes (candy, plastic jewelry, and such).  Henry (my son who is 7) especially enjoyed the chance to play some of his favorite games and see how many tickets he could earn.

Human Maze

which way?We found "m"!made it!

But I think that the most fun we had was going through the Human Maze.  I believe we enjoyed this the most because we had never done anything quite like it before!  Each person receives a “passport ticket” at the start of the maze in which they get a time stamp on.  Then you have to find your way through the maze, reaching each of the four letters (M-A-Z-E) and using the hole punches at each location to stamp your passport, and finally make it to the end where you again receive a time stamp.  For those with more advanced navigational skills than me and me 7 and 4 year old, you can receive prizes for getting the fastest time of the day.

So, if your in the Ogunquit/Wells/Moody, Maine area, it’s definitely worth the stop at the Wonder Mountain Fun Park and try out one or ALL of the attractions!  We truly had a great time! (4232)

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