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Simple & easy firefighter birthday party

Firemen in training, NicoSo for Nico’s fourth birthday we decided to go with a fireman theme, as he is very much into anything emergency services, but mostly firefighters. So the first step was to arrange a visit to the fire station, which we did just by calling the city and setting one up (might be different in your city, but often they are glad to have you around and visiting). Of course in the case of a call we would have had to leave, but we got lucky and we didn’t have to.

Firehouse fun 1 The firefighters even had plastic fireman hats for us and let the boys visit the trucks as much as they wanted to, climb in, being buckled up and more. They opened all the doors to show them what was behind them and they even let Nico open the garage door and start the lights!

Firehouse fun 2 They checked out a chainsaw, Nico got to hold the jaws of life, try out the hose that is in the front bumper of the firetruck and even see how the firefighter boots work.

Firehouse fun 3Slide down part of the pole & group photo.

Breakfast cookies for the firmenAs per tradition when we go to a fire station, Nico wanted to bring them something, if I would have listened to him, we would have baked for a week before going, but in the end we went with our easy one-bowl/wooden spoon breakfast cookies. They were really happy and surprised to receive cookies, because when people visit the station, they normally don’t bring anything. We also had printed out the recipe for them and the firewoman was very excited about that :)

When we got home from the fire station, we just let the kids free play out in the backyard (we have a playhouse with a kitchen, a swing set and a sand table, plus a little patio set and mini hollywood swing), so they were just entertaining themselves with some adult supervision, which they like to do best anyways.

Food time!During that time we pulled out lunch, since some of them still nap in the afternoon we had to do lunch early. Nico’s a rather picky eater since the move, so we had to find food he would eat, but also other children and adults, so we came up with meatballs and hot dog sausages wrapped in French bread dough, giant muffin tins of cheese cubes, goldfish crackers, watermelon cubes, grapes and carrot sticks, juice boxes (gotta love the juice without any extra sugar added). Everybody seemed to like it and even the adults liked the idea and how easy it was for them to eat standing while watching the kiddos.

Firemen cakeThe cake, which Nico insisted on helping with was just a regular vanilla box cake to which we added a cup of chocolate chips and folded them in with a rubber spatula. For the icing we went with the whipped one, which is lighter, fluffier and less sweet. The “grassy” topping is just green sugar, which also added a nice stability for the fire truck. The house is crafting foam to which I glued 2 craft sticks to so I could poke it up in the cake.

Cake eating, Nico style Since Nico does not like icing, he even took a knife and cut the cake out of the icing for his piece.

Smore's on a stick in a firmen paper mâché boot Later in the afternoon we had Smore’s on a stick (check out Crystal & Co. for this great recipe!). I painted a paper mâché boot from Michaels black, made a copy of the badge that I glued on and used some yellow electrical tape to make the line. I put some flower foam piece in it to poke the Smore’s on a stick into it (add weight to the tip of the boot or it will tip over).

Firemen goody bucketParting gift

Since it was pretty much impossible to find ANYthing fireman related in stores, we had to create our own parting gift packs for the kids. We got red buckets with a shovel at Michaels at $1.49, a big box of Creatology crayons also at Michaels (I gave one crayon per color tied together with an elastic), 123 Homeschool 4 Me new free coloring sheets firefighter printable, Royal Baloo’s Zooming Alphabet “Ff is for Firetruck” (the little booklet on page 12), she graciously also made a firetruck pack for a Grade 2 guest, “Fun Fireman and Fire Truck Printables” as well as a wonderful fireman playset that we printed, cut and laminated to be ready for the kids. We also put a firefighter and firetruck craft from to color, cut and make your own as well the “All about Firefighters” flip book from Unsolicited Advice, which we also laminated and bound with some binding rings.

Firemen birthday shirt We also made a button (Creatology of Michaels) with the fire station badge that Nico gave to every kid at the firehouse. We thought it would be more fitting than a party hat that they usually don’t keep on their heads anyways. The badge was graciously made by Stephanie from Boy Mama, Teacher Mama, taken from her own “almost fire fighter birthday party”, who also made the invitations for us as well as the badge for Nico’s birthday shirt, which he loved!

Simple decorationsDecorations

The decorations were simple, red balloons hanging from the ceiling of the balcony in bunches of three, a red streamer around the fence and the posts of the balcony.

Pool funWe had some pool fun in the afternoon, it got warmer and everybody went home happy!

Since it was also Papa’s birthday on that day and he was turning the big 4-0, just the three of us went for a nice family dinner at Montana’s and a nice birthday tradition from that restaurant, as you can see in the photo below.Montana's birthday hat

If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :)


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