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Kid-made dream catcher

Kid-made dream catcher (August 30, 2013) Today I was looking for some Egyptian crafts for the next country of  Around the World in 12 Dishes and I found this Pinterest board in my email recommendations, while looking I found this craft for Canada (which is the last country for ATWI12D this year), I was planning to keep it for then but Nico saw it and asked what it was. So my explanation to him was as follows: When bad dreams come into your room they get their feet caught in the web and they can’t get in your head. He thought it was neat and wanted to make one right away! I asked if it was because he had lots of bad dreams and he said yes. The things you learn when you take the time and ask the right question…  So we scrambled and found enough supplies to do it (many of our supplies were donated to a native daycare to downsize for our move) and off we went. We had small and big plates, Nico chose the big one to catch more bad dreams. First, Alex cut out the center of the paper plates and we glued the two circles together since our plates are pretty thin.

Kid-made dream catcher - makingWe got dressed and came back to paint, which of course included glitter paint. While it was drying, we did the dangling decorative strings, I asked if he wanted 3 or 4 and he said 5, lol. He was worried about getting poked by the needle but we used a yarn needle since that was our string and it was totally safe as it’s been sanded down to have a round tip. He really enjoyed beading this time, we have to do it more often (and we will now that we found the box!). When it was finally dried, I punched the holes not too close to the edge and after nap time, he did the web part with some cube beads he liked. He decided what was the bottom, I punched 5 aligned holes for the decorative strings and one more on top to tie it. Everything was tied in the order he chose and we were done.

Kid-made dream catcher - hanging Now it’s hanging at the foot of his bed and we’re hoping it works :)
Next morning update: He said it worked well and he even put his nice dreams in there to use them again later :)

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