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Spain – Pan de hogaza

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Pan de Hogaza

Our search for a Spanish bread to make was a slightly rocky one, starting out with some internet research, finding a recipe that was in industrial quantity and then via some help from a friend of Becky of Kid World Citizen, we focused in on something titled Pan de Hogaza, which is a nice sounding name, but in the end is just Spanish for “Loaf Bread”, but hey, it’s a bread and it looked easy enough to make. I found a recipe on a Spanish website titled “Tengo un horno y se como usarlo” (quite the mouthful) and it with only four ingredients we thought that it should be a quick one to do. Well, at least in theory… since it is a yeast bread, the biggest time factor is – exactly – waiting for the yeast to rise, so not exactly exciting stuff, especially for a preschooler…

Pan de Hogaza measuringSo it all starts with putting together 75% of everything, meaning flour, salt and water, mixing it all and then finishing it off with the addition of the yeast. Next up we waited for half an hour for the bread to rise. IF it would have risen, that is… It did a bit, but definitely not as much as we would have expected to, but hey, could be the kind of dough, could be almost anything.

Pan de Hogaza stirring and kneadingSo on we went with separating the dough into two, adding some cinnamon and raisins to one and letting them sit again, this time for 90 minutes, with pretty much the same result, a little rising only.

Pan de Hogaza doughStill we put them on the cookie sheet, scoured the top and put them in for 45 minutes at 375 F.

Pan de Hogaza restingNow I know that it doesn’t show on the photos, but we actually were working with a severely wounded member of our team (scratched knee), so he took a well-deserved break on the couch.

Pan de Hogaza

So all in all the bread was dense, with the cinnamon/raisin version tasting definitely salty and the “standard” one being pretty dry (both yeast versions equally), so I am afraid that we’ll have to file this one under the category of “didn’t quite work out…”.

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