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Apple picking, in Alberta?

Apple picking in Alberta - 2013Apple picking, in Alberta? Yes, it’s possible!
Back track 30 some odd years in Quebec, when I first apple picked. Back then things were different, if you knew someone with an apple tree you could pick them whenever they were in season. If you didn’t know anyone, often you could stop on the side of the road and get freshly picked apples from the farmer stand, if they still had apples in the trees and you asked to go pick them they would let you.

Apple picking in Alberta - his first time in 2010(His first time apple picking in 2010)
Forward to 2009 in Alberta, Nico was born in Calgary, Alberta. I was happy of course but also a little sad that he wouldn’t get to know apple picking as we didn’t think there was any in Alberta. We decide to move Quebec and raise him with all my old traditions from when I was a kid. So in Quebec, Nico got to do my favorites, sugar shack and apple picking. We also discovered Ferme Guyon and Parc Safari (the special zoo as he calls it) which he LOVED! Things change 3 years after we got there and we decide to move back to Calgary. We are conflicted, we know it’s for the best but at the same time Nico loses his favorites things to do, which is a big deal to a 3 year old.

After we got back to Calgary, I thought to myself, there must be apple trees here too, the climate is not that different, so we searched the internet and after many dead ends we found one about an hour north from us! So Alex called to confirm they still did it and Nico inquired if they had apple tree ladders (he loves to climb the ladders), that’s when we learned that those were miniature apple trees! We had never heard of it so we made sure the apples were regular size and not little crab apples and they were regular sized ones.

So on Saturday morning (Sept 21, 2013) we got in the car with a very excited, couldn’t fall/stay asleep the night before, 4 year old that was ready to apple pick for the fourth year in a row! After getting lost due to lack of signage on the rural roads, we finally found the place! They only had a few trees with apples so we got there just in time, even though we knew they were miniature trees it was still weird to see what  looked like bushes with apples in them, lol.

Apple picking in Alberta - golf cart rideWe were early and got to ride the golf cart (Nico was thrilled!), Nico could reach all the apples, he picked 7lbs of apples and…

Apple picking in Alberta - cherry picking…went on to pick a few cherries in miniature cherry trees!
Apple picking in Alberta - apple eatingHe couldn’t wait until we got home, he had to eat one right away!

Apple picking in Alberta - orchard signLove their name Prairie Perfect, check them out if you are ever near Red Deer, Alberta during cherry & apple season, they are very friendly and accommodating, even if you are in a wheel chair you can pick, thanks to their miniature trees.

Now if you excuse us, we’re off to check out a few apple recipes and put them to good use :)

If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :)


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