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Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

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(July 30, 2013) Nico went to Michaels’ Craft Camp this summer, his first activity without Maman and Papa. To add to the mix it was in English, which at that time he only understood, but did not speak. The second week’s theme was “Under the Sea” and the plan for that day was to make a paper octopus with the numbers 1 to 8 on the tentacles, unfortunately they didn’t really choose the best medium to cover the paper, wax crayons, which are not Nico’s favorite, so we brought it home barely started.

Counting and alphabet octopuses - at MichaelsI know one of his favorite ways to put colors onto anything is his rainbow painting kit (of course you can also use regular water colors), so we got that out when we came home and I got him to paint his whole octopus in a jiffy (I was pretty darn sure that we had some photos of that, but looks like we forgot to take any, sorry!). Now because this is water paint and he always puts quite a bit of water, the cardstock curled up when it dried, so I put all the pieces between two heavy flat things to flatten overnight. I wrote the numbers on the circle of each tentacle with a black Sharpie and Nico glued the circles to the tentacles before I glued all the tentacles to the head.

Counting and alphabet octopuses - with the maman

(Above you can see Nico goofing off with Mama octopus.)

Now this is an octopus, but Nico decided that it was a jellyfish. And I must agree, the head looks like a jellyfish. So I asked him, if he’d like this big jellyfish to have babies and of course he said yes, so instead of continuing with the numbers (which you could do, of course), I decided to go for the alphabet. The babies had to be smaller, so we couldn’t put eight tentacles per baby, instead we did four, ending up with six babies total. The last one has two tentacles with two letters each and I decided not to write upper or lower case letters, but went for both on each tentacle. We don’t call them upper and lower case, to make him understand that they go together, I tell him that the big one is the Maman letter and the other one that sometimes looks like her, the baby letter.

Counting and alphabet octopuses - assembling

We got everything cut to paint and over the course of a few days we had him paint all the tentacles, heads and circles. They all got flattened between books after being dried. Then he selected the order of the tentacles and circles to be glued. I wrote the letters on the circles and glued everything. It curled up as we seemed to have taken them out too early, so after they were glued, we flattened them again.

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

And now they are all displayed on his bedroom wall! It adds a nice touch of color to it and they are educational on top of it. He is very proud of them.

If you would like to download the patterns, here you can find the Maman Octopus and the Baby Octopus.

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