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Kenya – Chapati

Around the World in 12 Dishes


African cuisine is not something that we had ever explored, with the exception of Morocco for the first season of “Around the World in 12 Dishes”, so Kenya was a bit of an adventure, I must say. For many dishes I did not even know what they contained, not a good start, but when looking for a Kenyan bread a lot of people mentioned something called Chapati, a simple, fried bread, which looked interesting and after a bit of research, we decided to settle on a recipe we found on

The four ingredients were simple: Flour, salt, oil and water, so can’t really get any more basic than this, right? So without much ado we went to work on it and Nico was surprised that I did not pull out any more ingredients and asked me, if I hadn’t forgotten anything.

Dough makingSo we started out by mixing the flour and salt before slowly adding water until we got a thick dough. Then we added the spoonful of oil and kneaded it a bit longer, adding a bit of flour along the way, because the stuff was sticky enough to put wallpaper up!

Nico’s bane came next – letting it rest for thirty minutes, usually enough to let his interest drop off like a rock,…

Making of the breads…but he actually came back to divide and press the dough into single pieces,…

Frying…before we shallow fried them in our trusted pan. And not only did it come out less greasy than we had thought,…

Eating…Nico even gave it a try, which always is a huge plus! :)

Chocolate chip cinnamon ChapatiAnd it wouldn’t have been a bread in the Glittering Muffins kitchen, if we didn’t add some chocolate chips and cinnamon to our chapati – and it worked grrrreat!

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