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Egypt – Aish Baladi

Aish Baladi w

Around the World in 12 Dishes

In our quest to conquer the world, one bread at a time, we found a recipe for a flatbread called Aish Baladi, which at first look seemed like a cousin of Kenya’s Chapati, just baked instead of pan fried. And didn’t we say after the Chapati that we would want to try it baked instead? Hah, instant winner!

yeast wIt all started by combining warm water and the yeast.

pouring wThen in a separate bowl we mixed together flour and salt and slowly added the water/yeast mix to the dry ingredients and stirred until it formed a ball.

dough wNext up we kneaded it and added more flour until it was not sticky anymore (which was quite a bit and Nico was not a big fan of having his hands all lumped up with sticking dough). We rolled it all out, cut off pieces and rolled them into balls, which we placed on a cookie sheet.

proofing wUp next was boring-time-for-Nico, aka proofing, but thankfully just like with Chapati he did not lose interest, but came back! We took a photo of before and after, so you could see the difference.

flattening wNow it was time to take the dough balls and flatten some of them and left some as balls to see how they would turn out, before pouring some cinnamon over half of them for our second version. In the end the ones we left as balls turned out way better, because they were fluffier and lighter and also less chewy.

tasting wAnd another big sign of success – Nico tried one of them and liked it (even though he would not eat any more after, but that’s a different story).

Aish Baladi wSo while Aish Baladi is related to Chapati, it is a lot lighter than its Kenyan counterpart and works great as a side dish!

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