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New Zealand – Kiwi Chocolate Cake

Kiwi Chocolate Cake w

Around the World in 12 Dishes

(September 17, 2013) Have you ever experienced an accidental blog post? No, I don’t mean the kind where you accidentally hit “publish” too soon, but where a way to use some fruit before they go bad turns into a full dish for “Around the World in 12 Dishes”. Enter a whole bunch of innocently waiting fuzzy fruit (the ones that are SUPPOSED to be fuzzy) and a devil’s food cake mix and you get a very yummy cake that packs a punch in the nutrition department as well!

Kiwis from New Zealand w

Our fellow “Around the World in 12 Dishes” partner blog Crafty Moms Share had done a gluten free kiwi cake from scratch, so since we had a few kiwis laying around doing nothing, we took that inspiration and went to work. We also had a devil’s food cake mix, so not from scratch, but thankfully there are ways to make these dry mixes healthier and better tasting, so we went one step further this time around. We always replace the oil in the mix with apple sauce and this time around we mashed up the kiwis and used them as replacement for both the oil and the water (2 1/2 cups of mashed kiwi total).

Preparing the Kiwi Chocolate Cake w

Other than that we followed the instructions on the box for temperature and baking time and voila, we had a Kiwi Chocolate Cake. Nico at first was a little reluctant to try the baked cake (even though he had loved to lick the cake batter, go figure), but once he did his first reaction was “ooh, crunchy” (courtesy of the kiwi seeds), he liked it a lot, though.

Nico enjoying the Kiwi Chocolate Cake wA short time later I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken (yes, once in a blue moon we get something from there) and while waiting I talked to the guy taking the orders and he turned out to be from New Zealand. While chatting he told me that folks from down there refer to each other/themselves as kiwis, so they will not hold it against you, if you call them that either. :)

You might be surprised to see that this is not a bread, but our original choice of Maori Fried Bread already had been done by two of our partner blogs, Kid World Citizen and All Done Monkey, so we will be skipping a bread for this one.

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If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :)

Please link up your New Zealand dish and/or craft in our linky below, we would love to see it!


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