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24+2 Christmas & Winter Books (An Advent Calendar)

24 Christmas and winter books

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.)

Advent calendars are fun and if you can avoid the typical chocolates, all the better, right? We came up with the idea of creating an advent calendar full of Christmas books of different kinds and what is even better – we are sharing it with you :)

We wrap each book and put a number for each day from December 1 to December 24 and then put them under the tree. Now we do know our math and we also know that we have 26 books here, but there are just two bonus books for Christmas and Boxing Day included. We got a lot of these books second hand, so you don’t have to research and pre-plan everything to a “t”, but can go with whatever is available.

We have compiled a list of all the books that we have gathered, complete with the cover and a brief synopsis and, if available, some helpful links to get them yourself, if you want to create one yourself. Aren’t we nice, lol?

31 Contes Et Chansons de Decembre – Line BoulangerAuthor: Line Boulanger
Title: 31 Contes Et Chansons de Decembre
Synopsis: 31 different stories and songs in French, as book and CD package.

Dinosaur-Christmas-282x231Author: Jerry Pallotta
Title: Les Dinosaures du Pere Noel (Dinosaur Christmas)
Links to buy: English (Amazon US) / French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: One of Nico’s favourites (hey, it has dinosaurs, right?). It shows how Santa used to deliver the gifts before he had reindeer, trying out different kinds of dinosaurs and its successes and failures.

le neiges de noel

Author: Colette Barbe-Julien
Title: Les Neiges de Noel
Links to buy:  French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: While the family is preparing for the Christmas Mass, two children embark to find the Queen of the Snow to ask her for snow on Christmas Day. In the course of their fabulous voyage to the ice palace, they meet Santa, who lets them ride in his sleigh.

Vois-tu ce que je vois

Author: Walter Wick
Title: Vois-tu ce que je voit? La Nuit de Noel (Can you see what I see? The Night before Christmas)
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US)
Synopsis: Beautiful Christmas themed Search and Find book.

wild christmas reindeer

Author: Jan Brett
Title: The Wild Christmas Reindeer
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / English (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: A beautifully illustrated story about how a little child tries to prepare Santa’s reindeer for their important flight and how it has to change its approach to succeed.

L'agenda du pere noel

Author: Sylvie Chausse / Philippe-Henri Turin
Title: L’Agenda du Pere Noel
Synopsis: We follow Santa and his reindeer throughout the year, how they stay and get in shape and what they do when they are not busy delivering gifts.


Author: Steve Metzger
Title: Dinofours – Our Holiday Show
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US)
Synopsis: The Dinofours are working on putting a Christmas show together, but have to learn how important it is to work together to achieve a common goal.

L'Imagerie de noel
Author: Emilie Beaumont
Title: L’Imagerie de Noel
Links to buy:  French (Amazon US) / French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: An illustrated books showing Christmas traditions, Christmas around the world and some small crafts and ideas for decorations.

Ecoutez dit lane

Author: Jean Little
Title: Ecoutez, dit l’Ane (Listen, said the Donkey)
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / French(Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: Different animals tell their view of the story of the first Christmas.

le noel des barbapapa

Author: Annette Tison / Talus Taylor
Title: Le Noel des Barbapapa
Links to buy:  French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: The Barbapapas try to make tropical birds feel at home in the cold of winter.

joyeux noel souricette

Author: Dugald Steer
Title: Joyeux Noel, Souricette!
Synopsis: Everything is decorated, but something is missing for Souricette’s perfect Christmas. In this embossed book you can follow the little mouse on her path to find what is missing.

au pays des hivers tendres

Author: Lucile Galliot
Title: Au Pays des hivers tendres
Links to buy:  French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: Amazing book with three dimensional pop-out scenes showing the animals celebrating the beauty of winter.


mr_willowbys_christmas_tree_3Author: Robert Barry
Title: Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / English (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: Hilarious and cute book about the story of a Christmas tree that is too tall and gets its tip cut and then is passed on again and again until the story comes full circle.

grumpy badger's christmas

Author: Paul Bright / Jane Chapman
Title: Grumpy Badger’s Christmas
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / English (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: Badger is grumpy and does not want anything to do with Christmas, but wants to sleep until spring. But then he gets visitors and a crisis erupts, making him rethink his ways in a slightly different version of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.

muppet babies christmas book

Author: Jim Henson
Title: Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies-Christmas Book
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / English (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: Contains the two classic stories “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and “The Night Before Christmas”, illustrated with Baby Kermit, Baby Miss Piggy, Baby Gonzo and more.

le noel de petuniaAuthor: Jean Little
Title: Le Noel de Petunia (Pippin the Christmas Pig)
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / English / French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: In the barn the animals talk about how their ancestors had helped an extraordinary little child in a stable a long time ago, with the exception of the pig, which did not have anything to say. The little pig, Petunia, then proves that a pig, too, has a lot to offer.

un tout nouveau pere noel

Author: Patricia Rae Wolff
Title: Un tout nouveau Pere Noel (A New Improved Santa)
Links to buy:  French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: A hilarious story about Santa trying to reinvent himself and get in shape and how things don’t quite go as planned.

un bisou pour le pere noel

Author: Elisabeth Coudol
Title: Un Bisou pour le Pere Noel
Links to buy:  French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: A little boy finds Santa sleeping on the couch and finds out that he is sad. He manages to restore Santa’s Christmas spirit in this inspirational story.

le pere de noelle

Author: Linda Brousseau
Title: Le Pere de Noelle
Links to buy:  French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: A touching story about how Santa’s daughter, who complains that her father is never there for Christmas, reconnects with her dad.

a charlie brown christmas

Author: Charles M. Schulz
Title: A Charlie Brown Christmas
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / English (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: A classic Christmas story, where the Peanuts friends try to get beyond the commercialism of Christmas and get back to the traditions behind it.

pere noel s'en vientAuthor:
Title: Pere Noel s’en vient
Synopsis: Follow Santa on his journey in this sound book, which has four sound effects the child can play when the story asks for it.

max le bebe renne

Title: Max le bebe renne
Synopsis: In this sensory book with flaps, envelopes and embossed pages, we follow a baby reindeer and his two best friends, a little polar bear cub and a red robin in a jolly Christmas story that shows how important friendship and loyalty are.

are you grumpy santa

Author: Gregg & Evan Spiridellis
Title: Are You Grumpy, Santa?
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / English (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: Everything is going wrong for Santa, be it his shower, his suit or his visits to houses, until a little boy gets him out of his grumps :)


Author: Helaine Becker / Werner Zimmermann
Title: A Porcupine in a Pine Tree
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / English (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: A hilarious Canadian adaptation of the traditional “The Twelve Days of Christmas”!

Le Petit Sapin de NoelAuthor: Sabine Minssieux / Susanna Ronchi
Title: Le Petit Sapin de Noel
Links to buy:  French (Amazon US) / French (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: A little Christmas tree wonders, why he never gets to celebrate Christmas with toys etc. The returned, old toys then manage to restore his faith.

Father Christmas

Author: Raymond Briggs
Title: Father Christmas
Links to buy:  English (Amazon US) / English (Amazon Canada)
Synopsis: Santa wakes up from a dream of the summer and the sun to see December 24 on the calendar, his longest and busiest day.

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