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Easy to make Santa letter (on the computer)

Santa letter 2013 (Nov 28, 2013) Nico typed his own Santa letter today! I asked and he wanted to write it in French. All he wanted to write was “Dear Santa, I moved to Calgary, Joyeux Happy Noël”, so I helped with ideas of what to write since it was his first time. We first typed it in a draft email, with me spelling he wrote about half of it, after a while we switched and he did the spaces only, he said it’s because I’m faster ;)

After that we went to the free online photo editing program PicMonkey, opened a white collage page (2000 x 2500) saved that, went to edit and use the Santa Land overlays. Nico picked them and told me where to put them, if they needed to be smaller, angled or flipped. He naturally put everything on the edge so all I did was put the text in the middle and show him different fonts, he chose “schoolbell”. I saved it and printed it, all he has to do now is write his name on it after nap time, he was too tired to write, lol. Thanks to Louis, our elf, we already have an addressed & stamped envelope for Santa, can’t wait to see what he’ll write back this year. We can send letters to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0 (which is the postal code) and he actually writes back in either English or French, depending on which language you sent your letter. It is a service by Canada Post and it was a tradition when I was a child and I decided to continue it with Nico .

Here is what he wrote:
Dear Santa,
I moved to Calgary (Alberta), I also speak English now.
I went to see you at the mall, your village with the small mice was pretty.
How are your elves, your reindeers and Mrs. Claus?
What is your favorite cookie?
On Christmas morning, I will bring a Christmas meal to emergency services (fire, ambulance, police) to the stations close to our house.
Happy Merry Christmas
Santa letter w
Update: And here he is signing his letter for Santa!

Does your kid write to Santa?

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