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Christmas Crafts for Kids – Book Review

Christmas Crafts for Kids
As you probably have noticed, I don’t usually review things on the blog. But this one was too good to pass, although you might notice after reading this post that I am not very good at reviewing things. I was offered a free digital copy of “Christmas Crafts for Kids” by Beth Gorden in exchange for a review, my opinions are my own, I was not told what to say or to say that I like it.

Let me start by saying: This is the ultimate list of crafts, activities and recipes based on Christmas books for a family with children. You can use this book for years and still find something new you haven’t done.

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Pasta Necklace

What I like about this book is many little different things that make its use simple, quick and easy. For example:

1) the index page, where the menu is clickable, so you can go directly to what you want to look at, instead of searching.

2) it’s set up for 30 days and it is day by day. Of course nothing is set in stone, so you are free to change up the days.

3) she actually explains different ways to use the boo.k

4) every day has a minimum of two books (one of the day and an alternate), so you also get literature recommendation, which is really neat, if you have a good library near by.

5) it’s not only crafts, but also activities/games and recipes, all related to something in the book of the day.

6) it has fun and unusual ideas (like gingerbread pirates), not just the traditional Christmas stuff, which is also featured in the book.

7) it’s 167 pages!!!

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Gingerbread PiratesIt’s really, really worth it, just buy it already :D It is worth it, if you have one kid and even more so, if you have more, do it with your kids and grand kids and then just pass it on, because you’re getting too old ;) You can pass down the activities for years to come. It is perfect, if you have a daycare, you can use this book for several decades, at least!

If you would like to buy the book, click here (yes, this is an affiliate link!).

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