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Santa paint brush ornaments

Santa paint brush ornament(Nov. 3 to Nov. 16, 2013) Saw something similar online a while back, just a pic nothing else, I liked the idea but wanted to change several things and this is what we ended up with :)

Santa paint brush ornament - paintingFirst we painted the handle red for Santa’s hat, then the metal part and the bristle white.

Santa paint brush ornament - glueing Alex  cut some pink ovals in construction paper, the width and height of the metal part for the face and a white mustache out of cardstock. We made one full Santa as a model for Nico to look at. He glued the ovals and the mustaches first, then he glued the mini pompom noses on the middle right above the mustache and that allowed him to figure out the exact place for the eyes.

Santa paint brush ornament - glittering Nico decided to use yellow glitter glue on the hat, despite me suggesting the white one may look like snow. I gotta say though, the yellow does look nice, he has an eye for things :)

For the white fur around the head I used a make up cotton square that we cut in strips. We glued those on because we needed 2 and I wanted the seam on the side, this is my zealous side coming through, so for this part Nico had nothing to do, but for the rest it was him.

Santa paint brush ornament - mustacheWe had made wool pompoms for the tip of the hat but opted to leave them off and trimmed one to glue the trimming on the mustache to give it texture. This ornament is good for all ages to make and kids can do more or less of it depending on ages. I’m sure if we make those again in a few years they’ll look different. I sure love how they look in the tree :)

For a simpler ornament check out the other ornament we made for this project:
Christmas lacing card ornaments

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This post is part of the great “20 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas”. There is another great blog posting for this project today, so please hop over and check it out!

Mama Miss

You can also find all kinds of kid-made ornaments here for a kid-made Christmas & all the ornaments that being linked up will be pinned here as well, so if you have any ornaments of your own, we’d love for you to link them up right here!


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