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Thailand – Slow cooker peanut chicken

Thai Slow Cooker Peanut Chicken w
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Thailand, land of the Thai… No, not a good opening. A lot of Thai recipes contain peanuts and peanut butter, which just happens to be some of Nico’s favourites. Add to that chicken, his favourite protein, and we have a potential winner at our hands, right? So we thought, too, and embarked on our journey to explore slow cooker peanut chicken, inspired by this recipe, we set out to change things up a little instead of just following the recipe to the “t”.

Asian Sesame Dressing w

First difference from the get go was that we did not have any sesame dressing and were not quite willing to buy a whole bottle to use just a quarter of a cup. So what is the logical thing to do? Exactly, do it yourself! A little searching brought us to the Wholesome Homemaker, where we found a recipe for it that we of course promptly adapted once more, by switching the rice vinegar to regular vinegar, the sesame oil for good old canola and adding some sesame seeds instead.

Thai Slow Cooker Peanut Chicken making w

Since we are not big fans of chicken thighs, we went with chicken breasts instead, which we cubed up and put into the slow cooker. Then we mixed the sesame dressing with the peanut butter, chicken broth, ginger and soy sauce and poured the whole thing over the chicken, set the slow cooker to high and left it alone for 5 hours, stirring here and there.

All that was left after, was to cook some pasta (normally it is done with rice, but for one if we add pasta we increase the chances that Nico will try it dramatically and for the other it works really well with spaghetti!), crush some peanuts and neatly arrange everything in a bowl. Since it was a potential winner for Nico, since he likes pretty much everything in it, it at first turned out the usual “Nnnnno!” when it came to asking him to try it, but he eventually tried it, liked it and refused to have any more… It will come. One day. Or another. Hopefully… We really enjoyed it and will put this on our “to cook again” list :)

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