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Bilingual focus word of the year canvas

Bilingual focus word of the year canvas(Jan. 1-2, 2014) So I was reading posts in my group of blogging moms and one was mentioning the post of another about a family word of the year and how amazing it was, I was curious so I asked for the link. I read the post and fell in love with the idea! It’s from Abundant Mama and it’s called Choosing a Family Word of the Year, please check her post to find all the details :)

Nico can’t read yet, so we just sat together and I briefly explained so he could understand what we were trying to do. Alex suggested “happiness” and “joy”, Nico liked those but I wanted more out of our word. I’m fond of those feelings and want them in my life but I wanted a word that kept us on our toes and helped us grow as a family and as people. So I suggested “better” and explained to Nico what I meant with it. We could work at getting better at listening to each other, better eater, better sleeper, better at explaining ourselves, better with our health, better at doing certain things… you get the idea ;)

Instead of repeating the word all the time, I wanted a visual (even if he can’t read yet) for all of us. So I sent Alex to get a canvas (11×14 inches) and I went on picmonkey to find a good font for our word. We went through a few ideas. Nico can’t really write well yet and I wanted it to be well readable. When he paints he puts too much, so we couldn’t use a word print out as a stencil either. In the end I printed out our word in light yellow so Nico could color them in, or so I thought…

Bilingual focus word of the year canvas - word…Nico decided he wanted to trace the letters with different colors instead which in the end I think looks pretty neat. When I suggested orange to make it look sunnier he drew an orange sun between the words. I kept the middle for him when I cut out the words so he can still display his sun :)

Bilingual focus word of the year canvas - painting Then I asked if he wanted the canvas plain or paint it, he opted to paint it black, it took 2 coats of black craft acrylic paint with a foam paint bush, it dried quickly. I cut out the letters and asked him which way he wanted them, I should mention I printed our chosen word in French and English. He chose to have the French one on top and English under, I pre-placed them to show him. I then used a small paint brush and mod podged the back of each letters, one at a time, to glue them on.

Bilingual focus word of the year canvas - glitterI, of course, offered glitter and he got really excited, he wanted the big jug of the really shiny one, which is the different colors, collected from previous projects put into an old huge parsley shaker. I was told the glitter was to represent stars in the night (black canvas) sky. He used the little paint brush I used for the letters and made dots and a few streak of glue and then he pinched glitter on those spots. We shook the excess off in our tray and thought it wasn’t enough so I suggested a line around, straight or wavy, he opted for wavy which he then asked me to do. So I finished it off, sprinkled and shook off.

Bilingual focus word of the year canvasI think the results are pretty neat and now we have a great reminder right above the tv for us to focus on. :)

What do you think? Will you pick a word with your family? What about displaying the word you pick, how would you do it?

We used the following materials for this project (links contain affiliate links to
14×11 inch canvas, Mod Podge, Foam brushes, Glitter and Paint brush

For our Canadian readers, here is the same, just with affiliate links to
14×11 inch canvas, Mod Podge, Foam brushes, Glitter and Paint brush

If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to also follow us on Pinterest and our “Around the World in 12 Dishes” series also has its own Pinterest boards for each country. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :)


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