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Heart clothespins memo clips

Valentine's Day heart clothespins memo clips(Jan. 21, 2014)  After Christmas was done we decided to keep one of the small trees out and decorate it according to the different holidays or seasons going on. Our first holiday after Christmas is Valentine’s Day! Our fourth and last craft for our tree was little heart clothespins clips, I wanted something simple Nico could pretty much do on his own if set up.

I set it up for him during a short nap break, I pulled out Valentine’s related confetti (X, O, lips, hearts), heart shaped jewels, some little pink, red and white craft foam hearts, small clothespins and tacky glue just to make sure it doesn’t fall off when dried. Regular white school glue would probably work for most people/places but we live in a really dry climate and things tend to dry and unstick.

Valentine's Day heart clothespins memo clips - makingI suggested a few layering options but he didn’t really care about them and did his own thing. He tried to put the glue on himself but the bottle is really hard so we went for the usual tell me where and I squeezed. We ended up doing 2 whites, 2 reds and 2 pinks. I waited about 5 minutes and glued them in the top of the clothespins. He could have done it but my OCD side wanted them straight, lol.

We used ours on the tip of the branches of our Valentine’s Day tree but those are great as memo clips!

Valentine's Day clothes pins clips printable gift cards x4 If you’d like to make some and give them away I made a little Valentine’s card to go with it that you can print out. Just cut a slit about 2/3 of the way on the left in the middle of the white space to clip your clothespin on. I would print on cardstock so it holds itself better. Click the photo to save and print it.
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