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Glittery scented I Spy sensory cloud dough

Glittery scented I Spy sensory cloud dough
(Feb. 12, 2014) We’ve played in cloud dough several times before but not since we’ve moved back to Calgary.  This time we made it to go with the 12 month challenge/series we are part of, which is a new sensory dough a month for a year! So we added a few elements this time ;)

We used the same recipe from Tinkerlab as we used back then but we generously added glitter and blue kool-aid packets (3). Nico calls it warm snow since the first time we played with it. His answer to why not cloud dough back then, is that he didn’t think a cloud would feel like that but it felt like snow just warm and it didn’t melt.

As you can see we had a smaller bin a bigger bin on a tablecloth, because like many sensory doughs it does get messy but this way clean up is a breeze! If weather allows the best is to do this outdoors and hose it all off, kid included but we had -25C (-13F) so we stayed in. We had Nico wear his apron and we wiped off the dough on his clothes with a wet washcloth.

Glittery scented I Spy sensory cloud dough -   making
When we started making it and I mentioned adding glitter to it he flipped out! What can I say, the boy LOVES glitter! So he added lots, we had to stop him before he emptied the container, lol. He put in 3 packets of blue Kool-Aid and mixed it all together with the glitter and flour before adding the oil. The blue Kool-Aid packets didn’t add much color, I guess we would have needed 4 times the amount to show but it did smell really good!

Glittery scented I Spy sensory cloud dough -  mixing
Then we mixed in the baby oil, at first he mixed it in with the measuring cup but he eventually switched to hand mixing. At first it clumped up but he broke up the lumps like you would break cold butter in flour. Us cooking lots of recipes with him came in handy to explain how to break the lumps, lol.

Glittery scented I Spy sensory cloud dough -   I spy
Once it was all mixed well we got the I Spy kit from our foam dough and we hid it all in our cloud dough. He got to work. Saying “I spy with my little eye” and then as he found thing covered in dough trying to figure out what it was :) So he did lots of talking in French and in English! We also counted how many we found and how many we had left to find (math lesson well hidden ;) ) That took about 45 minutes of our morning.

Glittery scented I Spy sensory cloud dough -  paleontoligistAfter he was all done, he wanted to do it again! After that was done he decided to play paleontologist and we buried our 2 dinosaurs skeletons and some tiny dinosaurs as well for more to dig up. That took about another 45 minutes.

We had lots of fun and it’s versatile what you can with it, you can see in our original post we also made muffins, mountains, walls and tire tracks. As a adult, I actually love playing with it too, the baby oil mixed with the flour makes your hands soooo soft and smooth, very therapeutic!

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