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Valentine’s Day peanut butter cookies

Valentine's Day peanut butter cookies
(February 13, 2014) Yesterday I got those Peanut-Butter and Chocolate Heart Cookies from Mama Miss in my inbox and right away I knew I had to make them. For every holiday we give something homemade to our chiro that saved my life (she really did) and I knew those were “it”. Now we hunted high and low (ok, it was one store) for heart-shaped chocolates, but could not find any, so we settled for some Cadbury Buttons and used little heart sprinkles to make them more “Valentine-y”.

Here are some of the best photos I took during the “making of” with Nico, of course he was there to help with them, you didn’t think we made those alone, did you?

Valentine's Day peanut butter cookies - adding ingredients

The left one shows how concentrated he is with the tongue out which I love and bonus I caught the brown sugar falling out of the cup too! On the right, I’m SO glad I took that pic! It was his first perfectly cracked-in-the-middle-no-shells-in egg!

Valentine's Day peanut butter cookies -  mixing
Here he tried to mix it all up but it proved a little hard, so it was papa to the rescue!

Valentine's Day peanut butter cookies - finishing up
Last few steps, he really liked the sugar rolling and did a great job putting the chocolate buttons (and heart sprinkles) on without burning himself and quickly! The cookies were cooled in less than 5 minutes but we still put them on the rack to cool the inside.

We brought 10 to the chiro and kept the rest (it made 44 little-ish ones) and they’re almost gone, we can’t stop eating them! Thank you for reading along now get out of here and head over to Mama Miss for the recipe and make those OH SO YUMMY cookies!

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