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Pancake day 2014 – donut pancakes

Pancake Day 2014 - donut pancake
One of the “holidays” Nico loves is Pancake Day! Nico asked when pancake day was early in February, he was pretty disappointed when I told him this year it was March 4th only, it was way too many days away! So I knew that after doing this the 2 previous with simple pancakes we had to find something different for this year. In my inbox, last week I got a recipe for cinnamon rolls pancakes which looked SO yummy! But Nico didn’t go for it so we kept searching and Alex found the Nutella donut pancakes which lead him to the doughnut pancakes! When Nico heard of the last one he flipped out, we had to make those!

Pancake Day 2014 - mixing
I love his tongue concentration :) He’s also getting really good at breaking eggs!
So we did, followed the recipe but our batter was really thick so we added 1/3 cup of milk, better but we added another 1/4 cup of milk and it was still thick but manageable.

Pancake Day 2014 - cooking
Instead of trying to make donut shapes with our thick  batter, we poured 1 big pancake and…

Pancake Day 2014 -  cutting & eating
…used a round cookie cutter to cut the circles and a muffin middle remover thing for the donut hole. Nico wanted nothing on his so we skipped the glaze. Alex and I put powdered sugar and maple syrup on ours. He liked the donut but fell in love with the holes! So out of our 3 big pancakes, the last one was just donut holes, lol.

Despite the thick batter, the pancake itself turned out fluffy and very yummy! We are keeping the leftovers in an air tight container on the table and just munch on them here and there.

We ask some lovely ladies what they did for Pancake Day or their favorite pancake recipe, here’s what they shared with us:

Growing Book by Book is going all out with a book, pancakes, a game and more fun activities!
Powerful Mothering shares with us a yummy PB & J pancake recipe!
My Little 3 and Me are having tons of fun with lots of pancake activities and a printable!
Playtivities are making fun cookie cutter pancakes!
Danya Banya shares with us some yummy, healthy and easy pancakes, plus some O activities!
Mermaids’ Makings shares with us what they make in Estonia for the occasion, it looks yummy!
Let’s Play Music is showing us how to play the pancake song on the xylophone!
The Educators’ Spin On It is sharing their favorite gingerbread heart pancakes, they read really tasty!
Fireflies & Mud Pies shares with us how they tap their own maple syrup and their favorite pancake recipe to go with it!
Fun-A-Day are having fun making colorful pancakes, that taste better than the regular ones according to the kiddos!
Housing A Forest is making what sounds like really good carrot cake pancakes!
Coffee Cups and Crayons are having lots of letter P fun and are they even painting pancakes!
Mama Papa Bubba gets us the triple whammy of Wholewheat lemon poppy seed pancakes, spooky Wholewheat flax spiderweb pancakes and some easy Flourless pancakes!
Who says that pancakes are just for eating and have to be round? Think Magnet has declared them an art and shows how much fun it can be!
And Creative Connections for Kids continues down that road and gives us art and even colored pancakes!

And Next Comes L adds: “We always just eat pancakes. That’s about as crazy as we get ;)”
Multilingual Mama admits: “I make delish pancakes but they are totally unoriginal. We do also make crepes since half French half American! Our pancake day is Sunday. Every Sunday. Lol”
Interaction Imagination explains: “In Sweden we call it Fettisdag (fate-tees-dah) which means fat Tuesday – the same as Mardi gras. Here it is NOT pancakes that are eaten but a cardomon sweet bread bun filled with almond paste, LOTS of thick whipped cream and the little lid is dusted with icing sugar…”
A fun idea from Preschool Powol Packets: “I love to make all kinds of pancake shapes… One thing my preschoolers really love is when I make pancakes in the shapes of the letters in their names…they just love arranging them and eating their own names!”

If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to also follow us on Pinterest and our “Around the World in 12 Dishes” series also has its own Pinterest boards for each country. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :)


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