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Edible fluffbutter play dough

Edible fluffbutter play dough
(Mar. 7, 2014) This month’s sensory from the series of Lemon Lime Adventures is edible dough! I searched high and low trying to figure out a dough that our I Spy twist would work with, in the end I had to resign myself to the fact that it wasn’t possible or simply just too disgusting, lol. So once I understood that I looked around for doughs and found this page, read through it all, all are safe to put in your mouth but clearly not all taste good enough to fully eat. I figured as long as it’s supposed to be edible might as well make it fully edible with things I know Nico will eat and we mostly have on hand (we were only missing the fluff). So I opted for the peanut butter/graham crackers play dough as Nico likes all the components.

Edible fluffbutter play dough - pulverizing the graham crackers
We pulverized 8 graham crackers and had some left over.  As you can see above it’s very tiring work! LOL

Edible fluffbutter play dough - measuring
We did what she suggests, using 1 cup as measure. We also realized that a jar of fluff (7 1/2 oz or 213g) is about 1 1/4 cup so if you wanna avoid measuring it, cause it is pretty sticky and a pain to do, now you know :) Measuring it all was interesting, it was all very sticky, so transferring from the jars to the cups then to the bowl was a little hard as you can see in the pics, we used the 2 spoons technique.

Edible fluffbutter play dough - mini smores
Before we mixed it all up, papa made mini s’mores, using a graham cracker cut in 4 (using 2 pieces per s’more), a small spoon of fluff and a cadbury button.

Edible flufferbutter play dough - mixing
Once in (minus the cereals), Nico automatically tried to mix it with the spoon, that didn’t really work well. Now, Nico is a pretty clean kid, he never did what most other kids do, like flip their bowls, throw them on the floor, take his food with his hands if it was messy, nor put his face in his bowl or his bowl on his head. He had a napkin/washcloth on his high chair tray and he would wipe as he went. Even for craft like finger painting or gluing things he was never a fan, but loved paint hand prints, go figure! So when it didn’t work with the spoon he was about ready to give up and have papa stir it, but I suggested he’d use his hands… he kinda looked at me funny, like yeah right! I assured him it was fine and he could do it… well he did! Dug right it there and mixed it really well. We also added “glitter” in the form of a cup of rice krispies like cereals and per request of Nico, we made it rain “glitter”.

Edible fluffbutter play dough - finishing up
It was surprisingly not sticky and not very greasy once all mixed. We made some balls and we also got some cookie cutters to cut out some shapes, we sprinkled our giant cutting board with the graham powder, then we flattened our dough to put our cookie cutter removing the excess and then we covered them with the graham cracker powder/crumbs and de-molded them carefully after. Our dough was quite warm, so a colder dough may work better for this.

We put them all in a plastic container and in the fridge, we all tasted some and it was tasty. I personally like the crunch the rice cereal gives. Alex had some after it’s been in the fridge and he says it’s less sweet than before it was fridge.

Edible fluffbutter play dough
This is a fun, sensory dough that’s pretty yummy and can make a nice snack or dessert. Don’t you love things/activities that are multi-purpose?

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