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(March 27, 2014) A couple of days ago, TinkerLab issued a new creative challenge and we decided to participate. This one is anything egg-related. So I wracked my brain for a few days, but couldn’t figure out anything, so I asked Nico what kind of eggs he would like to work with for a craft. I suggested plastic, wood, cardboard and styrofoam. He picked styrofoam, which of course we didn’t have, so we said we would go buy some later. I asked him what he would like to do with them, being four and a half, he had no clue, lol. A lightbulb went on in my head – what does he love? Dinosaurs, of course, some of those guys have a body shaped like an egg! So I told him that and he was REALLY excited about making a dinosaur with an egg. The next day he looked on the Field Guide of Dinosaur Train on PBS and picked out two dinosaurs that he wanted to make (funnily enough they are both purple). So after hunting some eggs down and finally finding them (you would not believe how difficult it is to find simple styrofoam eggs around here that don’t cost a fortune), this morning at 6:45 am I asked, if he wanted to make the dinosaurs today and he just got crazy excited and wanted to do them RIGHT NOW! Turns out Maman can be functional at that time. I quickly ran into the shower, while he looked at some more dinosaurs in the Field Guide.

Egg-osaurus - paintingBy 7:05 we were mixing some paint (because of course I don’t have any purple either, great practice for him mixing colors, though), he was amazed that blue and red were making purple. Before that I had tried to get him dressed, but couldn’t, because, well, he was a pyjamasaurus, lol. He held the first egg and painted it with paint on his fingers, after I told him it was ok, because his fingers are washable, this was a big step for him, but that was short-lived, for the other two eggs, I had to hold them. After the first coat we stopped for breakfast, then we did the second coat and I also had him paint a piece of cardstock with the same purple, so I could cut out the tail, nose and flippers for his shinosaurus, obviously had to wait for it to dry again, so we played some Dino Dan online (gotta stay with the theme, you know?).

Egg-osaurus - painting & glueingSo while the eggs were still drying from the abundant amount of paint, I traced and cut out the parts for his shinosaurus. Once the first egg was ready, we tried to just glue on the nose, but it didn’t hold very well, so I got a sharp knife and made a slit in the egg for each of the pieces, put glue where the cut was and he pushed in the pieces.

Egg-osaurus - painting detailsOnce that was done and the other eggs were dried as well, I mixed some more paint to make dark purple while he was off playing Octonauts with Grandmama Dada (not quite sure where that suddenly came from). I called him back and while looking at the pictures of the two dinosaurs on my computer we did the dark purple lines and dots on the sauroposeidon and the shinosaurus. Again drying time… After that I had him use a Q-tip to do the light blue color.

Egg-osaurus - other partsSome more drying time… I suggested to do the legs of the sauroposeidon with pipe cleaners at this point, but he said no. I got the little wood spools that we had originally bought to do this craft (that could be why he said no to the pipe cleaner, since he was there when we bought them and talked about them). I had a tiny little bit of light purple left, so he was able to paint all four and I helped out to stretch it and be able to finish them. I put glue on the top of them, since our glue bottle is extremely hard to squeeze, and I put the body of the sauroposeidon on it. After a while it was still not sticking that well, so I got the glue gun out. He was wondering what that was, because I never had done it while he was up, so I explained the process of the glue gun and he was happy just looking at me do it, since the legs were partially still glued to the egg I could not really let him try it out (not that he asked). He cut the pipe cleaner for the neck and the tail, I suggested to put the tail a bit shorter as per the image we had, but no, he said that the one on the image was a baby and his tail was shorter and ours was an adult with a longer tail. Same applied for the neck length.

Egg-osaurus - assemblingAfter poking the pipe cleaner in his sauroposeidon head, he glued the eyes on both dino. He opted for googly eyes. Then he poked the pipe cleaner in the bum for the tail and another one in the head and the whole combination into the front of the body. He did these steps on my lap, so I couldn’t really take any photos. Originally the pipe cleaner of the neck kept turning in the hole and falling to the side, so I pulled it out and put some glue in the whole. He poked it back in, we let it dry for a few seconds and we were good to go. While trying to think of some way to take a photo with them, I remembered those foam sheet dino landscapes for the bath I had made a long time ago (about two years ago when he started getting into dinosaurs) and before I had time to set it all up, he just went and did it himself. He is very proud and happy of his dinosaurs.



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