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Slow cooker apple pie bread pudding

Slow cooker apple pie bread pudding(January 26, 2014) I love bread pudding, ever since my mom used to make scheiterhaufen (which literally translated means funeral pyre), but that will be a different story and a different post. I  had this Austro-Bavarian delicacy countless times, in Quebec I enjoyed the pouding chomeur and now it was about time that we would come up with our own! Inspired by Get Crocked we had a few apples to use, so we set out to employ our trusted slow cooker and put it to work!

Peel and CutStep number one was peeling the apples and if our apple peeler is involved, Nico is right there to help! If it was up to him, all we would do all day is peel apples, lol. Then it was time to cube the bread (we used cinnamon raisin bread) and Nico once more amazed us by how well he cut this bread into cubes!

Dump and Stir
Finally we put both into the crock pot and stirred.

Spice mixing

Then we combined the apple juice, regular soda, sugar and apple pie spice and…

Pouring…poured it over the bread mix. We only mixed it a little bit to get it stirred in.

The only thing that was left now was to put the lid on, put the crock pot to low and let it sit there for 6 hours until it was done :)

Slow cooker apple pie bread puddingWell, there is technically one more thing to do and that is serve and eat it! It works good on its own, with a nice scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or whipped cream, it’s up to you!

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2 comments to Slow cooker apple pie bread pudding

  • Susan

    I Just Want To Let You Know, As For The Slow Cooker Apple Pie Bread Pudding!
    It Sounds Like A Great Recipe Minus One Thing, One Major Thing!

    That One Major Thing Is Not What Goes Into The Recipe But How Much And What Type!

    You Say Apples; But What Are Some Of The Best Types Of Apples To Get The Best Flavor Out Of The Recipe Also How Many Should Be Used!

    You Do Mention The Bread Type, Being Cinnamon Raison Bread But Again You Do Not Say How Much Cubed Bread To Use!

    Lastly, As For The Apple Juice, Regular Soda, Sugar and Apple Pie Spice How Much Of Each Is Used! As For The Regular Soda, What Type Of Soda Are You Referring To?

    This Is The First Recipe I Have Come Across Like This. So Basically, You Have Posted A Recipe With No Description Of The Specific Kinds Of Ingredients On Some Of The Ingredients And As To How Much Is Used Of Each Ingredient!

    Thank You For Listening.

    • Alex

      Hi Susan,

      thank you for your comment. In the first paragraph we actually link to the recipe we had found and only the fact that we used cinnamon raisin bread instead of the reduced-calorie bread of the original, was not enough of a change to put the recipe including the amounts on our blog for copyright reasons. Please click here to get to the full recipe.

      Please let me know, if you have any additional questions or concerns.


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