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Show me your neighbourhood around the world – Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

aroundtheworldlogoThe Piri-Piri Lexicon is the host of a great Multicultural Kids Blogs project called “Show me your neighbourhood around the world” and for a second time we at Glittering Muffins are excited to be a part of it. Different blogs are showcasing the city they live in and typically local things, simple things such as houses, a street, a market etc., so that everybody can travel the world and take in how different everyday things are throughout the world.

Airdrie sign

Last November we had participated showcasing our hometown Calgary, but we love this series so much that we wanted to enter for a second time. Since Calgary is a city of more than a million people, we also wanted to show what a smaller town in Alberta looks like, and it was an easy choice to look just 20 minutes north to Airdrie. Founded back in 1889 as a railway village, it has developed into a bedroom community (meaning that most of its inhabitants commute daily into Calgary for work) and a bit of an industrial centre as well. It has now grown to about 43,000 people and is seen as a smaller town alternative to Calgary, but close to all the big city amenities! It is bisected by the QE2 (the Queen Elizabeth II Highway), which connects Calgary with Edmonton three hours to the north.

City HallMany things about Calgary are the same for Airdrie, especially the climate, so let’s jump right away into the pictures!

House StreetYou will find all kinds of houses in Airdrie, but a lot of them are single family houses, with some townhouses and only few apartment and condo complexes. Most streets here are fairly quiet and residential, with the main thoroughfares actually not having any houses on them.

PlaygroundThis is one of Nico’s new favourite playgrounds. We had known about it before, since it is located right next to the local arena, where during the summers there is a lively farmer’s market that often also attracts some of the food trucks, but it was the first time we actually went to play there and it is very nice and spacious, you don’t feel constricted, even as an adult. It is a little Western themed, with a stage coach climber and horses as, well, rocking horses and has a very nice atmosphere.

School Library

Airdrie has a quite wide array of schools, including a French school, which actually is a “container school”. No, they don’t teach French to containers, but it is not a building in the traditional sense, but a modular constructions out of a bunch of containers. On the other hand the public library actually is part of a strip mall as opposed to a stand-alone building.


Despite its relatively small size, Airdrie has lots of shopping opportunities, including one particular chain of hardware stores, Home Hardware, which is 100% Canadian and avoids all bigger cities, concentrating more on the smaller communities. Another thing about them is that they often have useful gadgets and tools that you can’t find anywhere else. To the right you can find something that we also have in Calgary and that we have not found in many other places – a standalone drive-through ATM machine in the middle of a parking lot!


Similar to Calgary, you will find churches of all kinds, but only few that actually resemble what traditionally is viewed as a church, with a belfry etc.


Nose Creek winds through Airdrie and there also are small ponds everywhere, which gives it a nice and open feeling, like nature kept its spot within the city :)

We hope that you enjoyed our trip outside of town, to show you what a smaller town in Alberta looks like, unfortunately any public transportation was successfully hiding from our camera and we decided to forego any daycares, since we did not quite want another visit by the police for taking pictures of one…  If you have any questions, we’d love to hear them :)

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