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App/printables for learning with dinosaurs

Learning with dinosaurs
We are excited to be part of a 5-day series titled “Play, Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs”, kicked into motion by the fabulous Craftulate blog :)

As a parent you always are trying to find new and efficient ways to teach your children, especially when they enter a “learn-resistant” phase. In Nico’s case, the one thing that can tie together everything and get him interested, is to somehow manage to bring dinosaurs into the play, so while there literally are hundreds of resources to choose from, it can get overwhelming to filter out the ones that fit the best, so here are a few of the ones that we use ourselves :)

By now even we have arrived in the age of the smartphone (yes, for many years we only had the good old dumbphones) and among the different dinosaur related apps we found a great app that combines playful learning of letters and numbers with, well, dinosaurs: Connect the Dots Dinosaurs HD. You can play with capital and small letters as well as numbers, work with timers, set hint intervals, play with sound (they say the letter or number once you connected it, thus also teaching the right order, and also say the dinosaur’s name once you are done, plus the screams, roars, honks and whatever other sounds the dinos apparently made back then) and more, and it is really easy to play, even if you just put a few minutes in every day. As far as we know, it is not on iTunes, but any Android users can download it directly in the Google Play store!
Google app

If you are a little lower tech or would rather prefer to print stuff, then we have four other resources that can keep you and your children busy for quite a while. Two great spots for outstanding printable packs are 3 Dinosaurs and Royal Baloo, who don’t just have these packs, but many different other themes that will also cover other interests.

We just recently discovered a new sits from the UK called Sparklebox that offers plenty of free teaching resources, among them a whole page with very varied dinosaur activities, some of which are about numbers, some about letters and some about other varieties of learning and it is all free, which is the beauty of it! Also a recent addition to our repertoire is The Crazy Pre-K Classroom and its “Digging for Dinosaurs”, a word work and sentence building activity, which gives you a few different options of how to use it. Since Nico is just starting to learn how to write single letters, we downloaded this one, but obviously are keeping it for a little later.

Play Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs

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