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Dino writing salt tray

Dino writing salt tray As part of Craftulate‘s 5-day series titled “Play, Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs”, we combined some learning with some fine motor skills. Nico’s been working on writing his uppercase letters, so I thought it would be fun to steer away from the writing work sheet and use a salt tray.

Dino writing salt tray - making & using Since he’s so much into dinosaurs I thought why not use a dino tail tip to write with instead of his finger. So I handed him a high-border tray and a container of salt and told him to pour it in. He was a little puzzled, lol. Then I handed him the dinosaur with a pointy tail (makes a difference) and told him to use the tail to write letters, which he had never done without following a dotted line before, but I had his practice sheet next to him for reference.

Dino writing salt tray - break time After a bit it was break time and the dino invited a friend.

Dino writing salt tray - different tail We tried writing with that dinosaur’s tail, but it did not work out very well, since it has spikes on each side.

He really liked that idea and we’ve been doing this for a few days now. He also did numbers and small words in there. For some letters he has a little more issues freehanding them, so I wrote them in the salt, then gently shook the tray to have a faint line that he can use to trace (it was pretty much impossible to take a photo of that, only if you really knew where it was, you would be able to see it).

Play Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs

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