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Quick upcycled dino bracelet

Quick upcycled dino bracelet

(May 6, 2014) Day 4 of Craftulate‘s 5-day series titled “Play, Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs” leads us into the world of crafts, but our result was anything but premeditated. Today my mother finished a duct tape roll but before throwing out the cardboard ring she asked if I needed it for anything. I casually said Nico could make a bracelet, she jumped right in and suggested stickers.

Quick upcycled dino bracelet - making

She got dino stickers and they got sticking. This happened in 5 min flat! I barely got time to take pics or say anything, lol.

We also did another dinosaur craft a few weeks back, so if you would like to see it, click here!

Play Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs

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