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“Buttoned up” flower pots

"Buttoned up" flower pots
Last fall, we got a crazy deal at Michaels on fabric flowers. We weren’t sure what  to do with them but we got them. We also had found terracotta pots the neighbour had put out to give. Fast forward to the end of April this year, my mother was sorting the flowers for the x-th time and Nico found 2 bouquets (daffodils and purple tulips) that he absolutely wanted to keep. He gave me the tulips because they are my favorite and he kept the other.

Button decorated flower pots - painting
Of course he wanted a pot for them so we got the terracotta ones from the neighbour, which were painted gold so not really our color. Nico wanted to paint them, he picked purple for his and blue for mine. It was nice out so I decided to set him up outside, he started painting his pot and halfway through he wanted to paint mine and I was to finish his. Halfway through mine he decided his sand/water table was more interesting, so I finished them. Note to self: don’t craft outside next to the sand/water table, lol. I finished everything and cleaned up.

Button decorated flower pots - gluing
A few days later, we finished them up by hot gluing buttons, his idea. He picked white, clear and turquoise buttons, while I ended up with black ones. I wanted him to use the glue gun for the first time, he had never seen me use it since I only did while he slept (I do “dangerous” things when he sleeps normally, like crazy glue and whatnot). First I explained to him how it worked and how to use it. Then I held the pot and told him to press a little where he wanted to put a button, I made sure to tell him when there was enough.  After a while he got the hang of it, for some reason he’d choose a button and give it to me to stick it in his glue spot. Pretty clever if you ask me, since I’m the one burning my fingers when he’d put too much glue, lol.

Button decorated flower pots - planting
Then we cut some flower foam blocks to fit in the pots, separated the flowers and poke them in the foam, he did his and I did mine.

Button decorated flower pots - rocking
To cover the foam we just put little glass rocks of different colors he normally plays with, he complained he had less but I promised to buy an extra bag next time we go to the store. As a side note everything here can be bought at the dollar store (paint brush, acrylic paint, terracotta pot, buttons, fabric flowers, glue gun, flower foam block and glass rocks)

Those would make a great Mother’s Day gift and they last forever unlike fresh flowers :)

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