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Dinosaur Train swing game

Dinosaur Train swing game

No, this post is not endorsed by “Dinosaur Train”, The Jim Henson Company or PBS…

Nico has been a huge fan of the “Dinosaur Train” TV series and the accompanying books. He also is a huge fan of his swings (he has three, his dolphin toddler swing, his soft “banana” swing and red disc swing), so I had the idea of combining the two of them. Now I admit that the logic of combining dinosaur-based animation and books with swinging is not necessarily the most logical deduction, but it seemed like a good idea at the time and it worked out really, really well, because even weeks after the “invention”, Nico is still asking us to play it several times a day!

Dinosaur Train swing game ticketThe game is really simple and shows that you don’t need any technology to have great fun, but just some imagination goes a long way. Basically the game consists of Nico sitting in either of his swings (the banana swing is the high speed train, the dolphin one the normal train and the disc is the crazy train (nope, not an Ozzy Osbourne reference), which just goes into all directions), handing me an imaginary ticket and then either naming the station he would like to go to or asking for a surprise station (such as Ankylosaurus Armors, Stygimoloch Station or Raptorex Place). I would then start to push him and have different travel times to reach his destination. It is also amazing to see the knowledge of dinosaurs this boy has amassed by now, but that never stops him from inventing new species, such as the forkosaurus, the spoonosaurus and the knifeosaurus, who cuts down stuff, which the other two can then eat…

Dinosaur Train swing game time tunnel

If you are familiar with the series, then you will know that the train will also travel through time tunnels to go from time period to time period and no Dinosaur Train trip would be complete without one of these. Usually Nico will duck his head while going through the tunnel and go back to his upright position once we are through, that was his very own addition to this one.

The sky is the limit, well, if you reach it you probably pushed a little to hard, but seriously, without any real preparation or cost you can have hours of fun and as the adult you get a workout on top of it, so almost a win-win situation ;)

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