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Helping hands close to home – More than food

Helping hands close to home - More than food

(Delivered Dec 4, 2014) As mentioned in our first “Helping Hands” post a few months ago, when we delivered school supplies to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, we have had to use their services a few times, when we went through a rough patch and decided to give back when we could.

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So for the holiday season we decided to put together little bags of craft supplies (it took Valerie months to figure out what to do and what to choose, so that it would have the most effect), so that the children could do something constructive during the festive days. 15 bags for girls and 15 bags for boys, many with the same supplies, but subtle differences, some of the things we already had, some we got at the dollar store and other places where they were on sale, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a difference!

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Our story also reached the Food Bank’s Communications Coordinator, Shawna, and she stirred up a whirlwind and got us in touch with CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and its French counter part Radio Canada for both TV and radio interviews and we had a TV crew in the house to interview both Valerie and Nico and film us while packing up the bags just the day before we went to deliver them, so what an experience! Click here for the newscast and forward to 21:23 to see our segment :)

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As a surprise Valerie also wanted to bring something for the volunteers of the Food Bank that put in a lot of hours to help out the people in need. As soon as she saw those on Fun Home Things she knew they would be perfect for the volunteers! So we put together (Christmas) oven mitts, spoons, a cookie cutter, a candy cane and since we couldn’t find cookie mixes for a reasonable price we printed out some of our favorite recipe and voila, we had a great little gift as a thank you for them as well :)

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As we delivered the goodies, we sought out Shawna first and were able to see a bit of what is going on behind the scenes of a Food Bank and the volunteers where so grateful that somebody thought of them as well! Nico took care of all deliveries, both to the volunteers and also the children that were waiting in line, once we ran out of children, we asked people if they had kids and managed to deliver the rest of our bags in no time.

Nico really enjoyed handing out the goodies and said that it made him feel good to give.


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