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Spin art Christmas balls

Spin art Christmas balls
(Dec. 24, 2014) Alex was supposed to work on Christmas day so our delivery to thank the public servants was unsure. But on the 22nd, when someone agreed to switch shift with him, we were back on! I racked my brain to figure what Nico could make 12 of in a short time that didn’t require too much work (He’s in a “we don’t do enough crafts but won’t take longer than 5 minutes to do one” phase!). Last year we made “Cinnamon Ornaments” for them. This year I wanted something totally different, he’s been into spin art a lot this year, but a cardboard ornament is cheap. Last idea was plastic Christmas balls put in the spinner. Last night Alex got the last twelve at the dollar store (Not a fan of gold, but they were already putting up the New Year’s and Valentine’s Day stuff, so we couldn’t be picky) and this morning we got spinning!

Spin art Christmas balls - making

At first I put dots of paint on it while in the basket, didn’t quite work well. The best way is to hold the part that is attached to the ball where you also put your string to hang it and rotate as you put paint on it, dots, zigzags, lines, it’s up to you. Then you put it in the spinner and give it a good spin. Nico tried putting glitter glue and spinning it again, but it removes most of it :/. We did add glitter glue on a few but there is so much air in those glitter glue pens it was getting frustrating, so most are without.

Spin art Christmas balls - all
We used a black Sharpie and wrote “Thank you! Nico 2014″ on them, since we do this to thank them but you could write whatever you want, for anyone or nothing at all :)

Spin art Christmas balls
What do you think?

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