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Arctic play snow dough & fizzy science

Arctic play snow dough & fizzy science

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Remember the 12 months of sensory dough we did last year started by Lemon Lime Adventures? Well she’s doing it again and so are we! The first one is snow dough this year. I heard of it before but couldn’t remember the exact recipe/ingredients, so I looked it up. I found 3 of them but 2 looked the same and had only 1 ingredient difference. I wondered if they looked the same on pics how different would they feel like?

First we did this one from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

snow dough 1-1 w

Snow dough play w
His main focus with the doughs this year is to make play scenes. So for this one he used his Toob with Arctic animals (CanadaUSA). And of course there had to be water so we used those clear blue jewels Nico uses as cargo normally.

Snow dough scene w

We have a lake and the igloo is in the corner, where it is safe.

Snow dough sensory experience

Nico found it squishy, cold and wet when you squeeze it. He also said it was flaky when you crumble it between your fingers. Having played in it myself I can confirm that it’s all true!

When he told us he was done playing with it, we got the vinegar.

We tried a little spray bottle but she wasn’t working well so we just poured it on slowly. It bubbled up big time! It looked like shiny ice, but obviously felt like bubbles.

Snow dough fizz w
It was also freezing cold at the bottom of the bin where the vinegar accumulated. For clean up, all we did was washed the bin in the tub and done.

The second snow dough I found was from Momma’s Fun World.

Snow dough2 ingredients w

He had fun pouring everything! I got so lucky catching those pics I just had to put them in the post!

Snow dough2 mixing w
He once again used his Toob with Arctic animals (Canada / USA) but the Octonauts (Canada / USA) eventually took over for an Arctic adventure of their own.
Nico noticed one difference, read on to find out what it is.

Snow dough2 play w

He said that it felt heavier than the one with the shaving cream and it is true!

Snow dough2 play 1 w

He also wanted to bring in his more exotic animals and especially the hippo, but since hippos don’t have fur, they can’t go into snow, so it had to just watch.

We really liked this dough, so much so we are doing it in our homeschool kinder co-op on Tuesday! Can’t wait to see how that goes, since it’s our first sensory dough as a group and I think apart from Nico, no one in the group has done sensory dough, that should be fun, lol.

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