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1 minute sensory sparkle dough

1 minute sensory sparkle dough

Take three of “12 Months of Sensory Doughs”, the creative series of Lemon Lime Adventures and the objective was a sparkly dough, so perfect for us and our glitter lover, lol. As many of you know from following us on Facebook, we just finished moving. We still had to do the dough this month, but for some weird reason our box with the glitter had magically disappeared! It was not until the night before the post was scheduled that Val came up with an idea that didn’t involve looking for that stupid box!

Part 1 of the plan: Send Alex to the dollar store. His mission: Buying play dough. Yes, buying play dough. And sparkly little tidbits of anything he could find in the craft aisle. Then come home.

Part 2 of the plan: Put everything on the table and tell Nico to make different fun doughs to play with by mixing the things and the dough together.

1 minute sensory sparkle dough - prepping stuff
So Nico chose which glitter he wanted to put with which color play dough and then which kind of confetti or rhinestone sticker he wanted to incorporate. That included getting the dough out of the tub, adding glitter, mixing it and do some stacking exercises…

1 minute sensory sparkle dough - having fun

…separating the dough for better mixing, mashing stuff in (getting those shamrocks into the dough was not an easy task!) and even having some extra fun.

1 minute sensory sparkle dough - blind taste test

And Val thought it would be fun to blindfold him to see if he could recognize what he could put in the dough and the little bugger did it and got them all right, he even remembered which version was which color! It turned out to be a really fun game and what is he going to do with all those different sparkle doughs? He’s giving them away to his friends for Easter, of course!

12 Months of Sensory Dough Season 2

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