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Clean mud, clean paper?

Clean mud, clean paper?

(April 17, 2015) A new month and a new sensory dough in Lemon Lime Adventures‘ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” series and the fourth installment calls for “clean mud”. First thought – nothing. How can mud be clean? Isn’t that going against all laws of mudology? In the end we took inspiration from Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog TailsRed, White, and Blue Clean Mud and went with toilet paper, foaming soap, food coloring, and of course glitter.


First off we put all the single ingredients together, like tearing up the toilet paper, then adding the soap, glitter and food coloring. Nico had a blast adding all of it, until…

…it was time to mix everything together. He would put his hands in, but he really didn’t like the texture and pulled out as soon as we let him. He liked adding some more water, since the whole mix was somewhat dry-ish, after which he came back in, squooshing everything around in his hand and managing to squirt some right into his face, which he did not quite find all that entertaining…

cleanmudblendingwBy now the whole thing was quite lacking in the mud department, but Valerie noticed that it almost resembled paper pulp, so the idea flew up, if we could maybe to some home-made paper out of it! She explained how paper is made and Nico got really excited about it! He blended the mix in our Magic Bullet…


…then Valerie strained out the water, which worked kind of ok, but then we thought of the fine-mesh strainer and it worked awesome! We did lose some of the colour by straining out the water, though. Then we added some white school glue…

cleanmudpaperw…before using some drawer liner as a screen and spread out our clean paper pulp. Working with his rolling pin didn’t result in a nice flat sheet, but a paper sleeve of his pin, so they went back to handiwork and punching and spreading everything manually.

Well, this is what it looks right now, it is fairly thick and definitely not even, but it definitely reminds of the old kind of handmade paper. Now it just has to dry, so we can see what it actually turns out to be…

Update  (May 19, 2015): The “paper” is dry by now of course. It’s fairly thick and crumbly. I think if blended more and with more glue it could make some pretty neat paper to write on for special occasions. The glitter sure makes it pretty :)

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