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Cinnamon glitter salt dough fossils (puzzle and mobile)

Cinnamon glitter salt dough fossils (puzzle & mobile)

Salt dough as this month’s entry into Lemon Lime Adventures‘ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” series, has been one of the staple doughs out there for years. Now since we have a resident dinosaur fan and the finished salt dough can look like stone, we came up with the idea of making ours dinosaur fossils!

We went with a recipe off wikiHow, which had vegetable oil as an added ingredient to the regular stuff you will usually find, we even had to add another half cup of water, because the dough was too dry, probably thanks to our fabulous super-bone-dry climate around here… And we also decided to add some cinnamon, to bring the colour of the dough closer to actual stone and the scent of cinnamon is just irresistible!

Dough Ingredients wNico has done salt dough a few times before, so he obviously has had no problems with putting the ingredients together and even managed to rescue a dinosaur skeleton that had fallen into the excavation on the way.

Dough mixing wHe also stuck his hands into the whole sticky mixture to get it all incorporated, but we ended up having to add about a third of a cup of extra water in order to be able to get all the dry ingredients together into a nicely malleable dough (and of course there was glitter!), probably due to the cinnamon we added.

Dough rolling w

While rolling the dough, the skeleton ventured out again, but in the end he (Nico, not the skeleton) cut out all of the circles.

Making fossils w

Then came the imprinting of the dinosaur body parts and skeletons into the soft dough, including two full skeletons.

Fossil closeup w

After our fossil medallions had dried, Valerie painted the inside a light brown to emphasize them a little more (and bring them closer to the colour of the wet dough) and voila, we had ourselves some really cool looking dinosaur fossils! One is a puzzle of one whole skeleton, can you guess which dino it is? The other one is going to be attached like a mobile to hang in his room (but it’s much easier to take a pic like this, lol), can you guess what dinosaur is the big piece in the middle? The last one is just a whole skeleton in one fossil piece but it looks really cool as a decoration on a shelf :)


12 Months of Sensory Dough Season 2

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