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Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt

Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt - by Glittering Muffins

(June 29, 2015) Nico saw ads on TV about Canada Day and asked about it. After a brief explanation he asked if we were doing something for it? Well we normally don’t, but he wanted to do something. He suggested a party for our homeschool coop, but I reminded him we were not meeting on a regular basis during the summer (everyone is on holidays at different time). We were supposed to have a playdate and I was planing to have the kiddos each make a Canada flag t-shirt for them to wear on Canada Day in 2 days. Sadly one of the kiddos in the family coming got really sick the night before and definitely could not come by.

I decided to make our shirt anyways and share it on the blog. I quickly googled “handprint Canada flag” to make sure I remembered correctly what I had seen online. I was remembering correctly but didn’t like it very much, I didn’t like the 1 hand or the 3 hands, the one was clearly wrong (the leaf has 3 points after all) and the 3 hand print one just looked messy and not right either. I figured the problem was the open hands. By keeping the hand closed, the maple leaf would be more defined. What about the sides? I saw someone who did finger prints, it was cute but Nico would find it way too long to do. Just painting it was boring… Tire tracks! Nico loves painting with cars so I got him to get 2 cars with treads on the tires.

Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt Paint hand by Glittering Muffins
I explained what we would do and he was thrilled (I hadn’t told him about it as it was to be a surprise), he was about to put his hand directly in the paint (just regular acrylic craft paint from the dollar store) I had put in the cardboard plate when I stopped him and explained I would paint his hand so it would look less like a blob. So I did that but before I also showed him how we would place his hand as well. We printed his hand 3 times putting paint on every time, hand wash, then on to car painting.

Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt tire tracks by Glittering Muffins

I explained about staying within the masking tape rectangles I made and not rolling too fast so it wouldn’t splatter paint on the rest of the shirt. When he was done, I quickly put paint on the side of the tires and did a sideways circular print of them to show it was wheels that did those prints. He did a really good job with that, then he hurried off to wash his vehicles.

Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt lego man stem by Glittering Muffins

Looking at it happy with the results it hit me! We forgot the maple leaf stem! Again I wanted something of his to be it. Looking around I saw his LEGO fire truck with the figures and I thought perfect! I told and showed Nico about it and he was quite happy about it, I asked if he wanted to do it but he said that I should do it. So the back of a figurine was dunked in paint and stamped as a maple leaf stem.

Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt tape removal by Glittering Muffins

After drying it for a few hours on the table, he took off the tape  and we were all very happy with the results. Later that evening I handwashed the shirt in lukewarm water with a little salt, vinegar and hand soap. When I will wash it in the washer next, I will put some salt on it just in case, but it should not be a problem, it should not bleed.

Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt shirtm - by Glittering Muffins

Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt chasing bubbles - by Glittering Muffins

He wanted to chase bubbles while wearing his shirt, how could you say no?

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