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Fizzy dough color mixing & printing

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing by Glittering Muffins
I saw a corn starch dough on Paging Fun Mums and somehow it sparked the idea to replace the corn starch with baking soda. In June it was fizzy dough for Lemon Lime Adventures‘ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” series, but I was nowhere near having the time nor inspired. Now I had the time and I was inspired, so we went for it! Nico was excited as usual, when I told him it was fizzy dough :) I had tried a batch the day before with no color or anything, just to see the ratio needed, turns out unlike Paging Fun Mums I had a ratio of 5:1 baking soda to conditioner.

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing - mixing by Glittering Muffins
So I set him up with three bowls and a table spoon. He put five table spoons of baking soda per bowl. Where was I going with three bowls now? Primary colors. Then of course he added a table spoon of conditioner and he put a few drops of each primary colors (food coloring) in each bowl.

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing - playing by Glittering Muffins
So we stirred for a while and then started to play with it. He was using a tiny spoon from a play dough kit and he was saying that it was gravel, since that is what it looks like if you don’t compress it. Then he decided to make a pancake. After that he abandoned me to wash it hands, because they were – ew! - full of dough! A little bit about the dough: The dough is actually quite malleable, it is cold and feels wet, even though it leaves a chalky residue on your hands. Interesting to play with!

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing - mixing start by Glittering Muffins
During the time he was off I got a muffin tin and took a measuring tea spoon to put one spoon of each primary color into a cup. By then Nico had come back and I asked him which colors I had to put together to make a new color and after he told me, I put the respective colors together.

Next he put a few squirts of vinegar on the first two, took a spoon and stirred. You know what, why don’t I let him show you what he did? Here’s his video:

As I was looking at the bubbles coming up, I noticed how colorful they were and thought it would be a cool idea to do prints with them!

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing - printing by Glittering Muffins
I explained my idea to Nico and I asked, which would be better, paper or card stock and he answered card stock, so we did a few prints before the color faded away. We had to vinegar up every time, because by pushing down we would lose the bubbles.

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing - print by Glittering Muffins
We will most likely use those as cards or photo backgrounds.
(Not sure why but the camera refused to pick up all the colors while taking the photos, but the colors are really much nicer than the pic shows.)

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing - prints by Glittering MuffinsSo we learned about color mixing and printing and we had fun with a fizzy dough, a month late, but still fun ;)

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