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Crystallized glow in the dark dinosaur ornaments (Part 1)

Crystalized glow in the dark dinosaur ornaments

10 Days of Kid-Made Christmas

We are very happy to be part of Mama Miss “10 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas” series again. You basically take a children’s book and make an ornament inspired by it, and it has to be mostly kid-made, so it’s really simple. This year it just had to be Nico’s all-time favorite: “Dinosaur Christmas” (Attention affiliate link for Amazon USA (English version) and Amazon Canada (English version and French version, thanks for the support :) by Jerry Pallotta and Howard McWilliam. And this is just the first of a Dino Triple Play of ornaments :)

Reading a Dino Christmas lo

While searching for inspirations, Val came across Little Bins for Little Hands“Crystal Candy Canes Christmas Science Experiment” and she thought it was cool. She figured that you could probably make them any shape you want, so it was easy to see that you could make dinos and then crystallize them! Since it was dinos, Nico was all over it and while reading the book (where he, of course, had to play with maman’s pony tail, he is seriously obsessed with it!), we took note which dinosaurs were featured in the book and Nico started digging through his bins of dinosaurs to see, which ones we actually had. During that time Alex got our pipe cleaners and prepared two mason jars, the boiling water and borax and we were good to go!

Preparing of dinos lo
Nico picked the colour of pipe cleaner for each dinosaur (he tried to stay close to the colours in the book) and then we shaped the pipe cleaners around the dinosaurs and twisted the end together. It wasn’t that easy for Nico to get the pipe cleaners snug around the dinos, but he did pretty good, in his defense, a Parasaurolophus is not the easiest dinosaur to work with!

Finished dino frames lo

Since the ornaments will go into a small Christmas tree, we had to pick pretty small dinosaurs to fit, especially since during the crystallization process the dinos get bigger, so he had a few problems, but with a bigger dinosaur he could do it, not a problem…Dino casualty loWe almost had a few casualties when some of the carnivores got hungry, but in the end nobody got hurt (or eaten)…

Preparing of mix loNico poured the water and stirred the Borax into the solution.Stringing and lowering of dinos loNext up we hung them from a craft stick into the borax solution (which was his favourite thing to do) and then came the most difficult thing for  a 6 year old: Waiting (even one of the other dinos came by to check…).

Dinos in solution lo
While some crystals already started to form during the day, it was overnight that the magic happened and made our dinosaurs truly crystal crusted!

Once they were all done, Val took off the ropes and excess pipe cleaners, which left behind some holes on the tails and backs etc, so she took some of the leftover Borax crystals and glued them on with tacky glue. And just when we thought we were done, Val had another idea – make them glow!

Painting dinos

At first she applied some Mod Podge and then Nico went to town with the glow in the dark paint. Our only worry was that the paint could dissolve the crystals, but while they smoothed some of the edge of the crystals, they are some of the coolest glowing dinosaurs in town! :)

Glowing dinos

For the sceptics out there, here is the before and after picture, this stuff really works! And the brightest of them all was the one with the white pipe cleaner!

Crystalized glow in the dark dinosaur ornaments

For the next part of our Dino Ornament Triple Play, you will find out more on Monday! :)

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