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Faux stained glass paper dinosaur ornaments (Part 2)

Faux stained glass paper dinosaur ornaments

10 Days of Kid-Made Christmas

It is rare that we are able to participate in a challenge twice, but we are very happy to be part of Mama Miss “10 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas” series for a second time today. Nico’s all-time favorite: “Dinosaur Christmas” (Attention affiliate link for Amazon USA (English version) and Amazon Canada (English version and French version, thanks for the support :) by Jerry Pallotta and Howard McWilliam has proven so inspirational that Val came up with a second cool ornament for our Dino Triple Play after the Stained Glass ornaments Colouring!

Stained Glass ornaments Colouring l

We set out to find colouring pages for each of the dinosaurs in the book and we only had to go to two websites to cover all the saurs (yes, even the two that even Nico had never heard of before!), then Nico went to work and coloured them all with was crayons (because Mod Podge will make markers bleed), trying to stay as close as he could to the actual book.

Stained Glass Ornament glue and glitter lThe next step was to apply glue and glitter glue to the outline of the dinosaurs and finally to sprinkle glitter on it to define its borders (did you really think that this could happen without glitter?).

Stained Glass ornaments Colouring lNow to get the faux stained glass effect on the ornaments, the trick is simple vegetable (or in our case canola) oil, applied to the back of the dinosaurs, making the paper somewhat translucent and thus making it look like stained glass when held against light. It took about two hours until the oil was dry, what worked the best was to put paper towel on top and under to absorb the excess. It will not look dry when it is dry, you will have to touch it and even though it still will look wet and oily, your finger will come off dry.

Next Nico applied Mod Podge to seal it all and then after that Val cut the dinos. Why did she cut them so late? Because it was way easier for Nico to apply the oil and Mod Podge on whole sheets of paper than to small cut out, irregular shapes and in the end stick them to the table top instead and since the arms and legs were so small, it also was a safety precaution.

Faux stained glass paper dinosaur ornaments_lCheck back for the third part of our Dino Ornament Triple Play :)

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