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Smashing egg-art

Smashing egg-art - Nico art piece
I first saw this on Pinterest from “Growing a Jeweled Rose”, I headed over to the site and I knew right away that we had to do it cause Nico would love it!

Since we don’t use eggs often, it took a few months to collect all the shells. On September 10, 2016, I made Nico pick the colors he wanted for it, I used the the craft acrylic paint from the dollar store and I did 2 medium squirts in a styrofoam glass and filled 3/4 of it with water and we stirred and stirred and stirred. Then I tried to fill the same amount of shells with each color, but I placed them randomly in the tray so he wouldn’t do all the same color at once. I also used one color tissue paper and doubled it so he couldn’t see through.

Smashing egg-art - eggs

Smashing egg-art - step 1: Throw eggshell full of paint to canvas

Smashing egg-art - Step 2: Repeat step 1

Smashing egg-art - Step 3: Repeat step 1

He had a great time, he even had me give it a try.

Smashing egg-art - maman trying

A little video, some shells are more resistant than others ;)



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