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Arctic play snow dough & fizzy science

Snow dough pinnable w

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Remember the 12 months of sensory dough we did last year started by Lemon Lime Adventures? Well she’s doing it again and so are we! The first one is snow dough this year. I heard of it before [...]

Spin art Christmas balls

Spin art Christmas balls - tree background

(Dec. 24, 2014) Alex was supposed to work on Christmas day so our delivery to thank the public servants was unsure. But on the 22nd, when someone agreed to switch shift with him, we were back on! I racked my brain to figure what Nico could make 12 of in a short [...]

Quick kindergartener Halloween party

Quick kindergartener Halloween party!

(Oct. 24, 2014) We had our Homeschool kinder co-op Halloween party. It was quick, simple and the kids had fun.

The kids put on their costumes, of course. The little brother and sister too.

It was in the morning, everyone brought a little something, [...]

Kid-made Q-tip painted ghostly pop-up card

Kid-made Q-tip painted ghostly pop-up cardhalloween pop up cards w1

Inspired by Crafty Morning, I showed Nico this craft and asked him, if he wanted to do a Halloween card version of this for his friends. And he said yes But I’m a little OCD when it comes to erasers on pencils and there is no way that I am wasting a [...]

Helping Hands: School supplies

Helping Hands: School supplies

(Delivered Aug, 14, 2014) We’ve used the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank before due to several months of unemployment, EI not coming in on time etc, and we wanted to give back whenever we could, but not by donating food, since they already get that from some major grocery stores (and that is [...]

Magnetic number hunt at the playground

Magnetic Number Hunt at the Playground w

At 4 am it came to me that for our next play date at the playground we should do a number hunt. I would take number magnets and hide them around the playground (which is all made out of metal) and the kids would have to find them in the [...]

Slime exploration!

Slime exploration!

This month’s sensory dough is slime and most slimes out there are made with borax, which from what I’ve been told is a pretty abrasive detergent. So I searched to find a slime recipe that did not have any borax and that’s how I found Fun at Home with Kids’ [...]

Fizzy dough and color mixing fun

Fizzy dough and color mixing fun w

(July 10, 2014) Yep this month sensory dough is fizzy! All I could think of was a volcano, not much of a dough… So I searched around and found this post from Life Lesson Plans. It shows a malleable dough and it’s fizzy, bingo!

We followed the instructions and Nico got [...]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day


“Buttoned up” flower pots

"Buttoned up" flower pots

Last fall, we got a crazy deal at Michaels on fabric flowers. We weren’t sure what  to do with them but we got them. We also had found terracotta pots the neighbour had put out to give. Fast forward to the end of April this year, my mother was sorting the flowers [...]

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