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Kids on the Go! – Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary Zoo

One of Calgary’s main attractions undoubtedly is the Calgary Zoo. Located mostly on St.George’s Island in the Bow River, it is the second largest zoo in Canada (after Toronto) and founded in 1929 also is among the oldest one of the country.

In June of [...]

Kids On the Go! Exploring the Lloyd A. Stage Nature Center in Troy, MI

stage nature center

Hey!  It’s me … PlayDrMom again!  This time I’m here to share another one of my favorite places to go with the kids … Lloyd A. Stage Nature Center, in Troy, Michigan.

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last visit to this local Nature Center … and I’m sure, by [...]

Apple picking, in Alberta?

Apple picking in Alberta - 2013

Apple picking, in Alberta? Yes, it’s possible! Back track 30 some odd years in Quebec, when I first apple picked. Back then things were different, if you knew someone with an apple tree you could pick them whenever they were in season. If you didn’t know anyone, often you could stop on the [...]

Kids On the Go! – Exploring the Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Kids on the Go!

It’s me, PlayDrMom, and I’m back to share another one of our favorite places to visit.  This time it’s a wonderful place that I’ve been visiting since I was a child … Cranbrook Institute of Science which is located in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  The science institute is part of (and located within) the campus [...]

Kids on the Go! – Westview Orchard, Washington Township, Michigan

Kids on the Go!

In Michigan fall is a fabulous time of year!  The colors are vibrant and the air is crisp.  It is also a time for the orchards and cider mills to open their doors for all to enjoy their harvest.  I have made it a tradition to bring the kids [...]

Kids on the Go – Hess-Hathaway Park, Waterford Township, MI

Kids on the Go!

YAY!  it’s me again, PlayDrMom.  And this time I get to share one of our favorite parks to visit.  My kids lovingly refer to this park as the “Farm Park” because not only can they enjoy an awesome playground area there, but it also has a FARM!

Hess-Hathaway Park [...]

“Matching Shadows” farm game

"Matching shadows" farm game

You probably have seen the zoo bingo from The Iowa Farmer’s Wife? This is where I got my inspiration for this game. The zoo here is huge for a toddler and we never can make it around in one visit. Plus in late April it’s closed and I really wanted to try this game, so [...]

Kids on the Go – Ferme Guyon, Chambly, Quebec

Kids on the Go!

Ferme Guyon in Chambly

Ferme Guyon is a certified pedagogic farm in Chambly, Quebec, just about 20 minutes west of Montreal. It is comprised of a big store part, a butterfly house, the farm itself, a tree nursery and flowers, so it is both interesting in terms of education and also [...]

Kids on the Go series

Kids on the Go!

“Glittering Muffins” is proud to announce “Kids on the Go!”, an upcoming new series where we will feature zoos and other kid-friendly outings!

This series is for anyone looking into new and exciting places to go and explore, close to home or out traveling, giving practical advice instead [...]

A day at the zoo (a Papa’s view)


After Valerie had posted her view of our latest visit to the zoo here, here is my view, which to some parts is the same, but at the same time isn’t, so here goes!

Nico loves the zoo (and so do we), so more by coincidence than anything else we had [...]

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