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One-ingredient cinnamon roll donuts

One-ingredient cinnamon roll donuts

It all started when I got the recipe for Cinnamon roll cake pops, a guest post from A Night Owl on I Heart Naptime, in my inbox. I don’t have the mold to make the pops but I have a mini donut maker! Alex got a tube and we got baking, Nico [...]

Croatia – Ćevapčići & Đuveč

Cevapcici and Duvec

Ah, Croatia… Been there many times as a child, my grandmother was born in the then-Austro-Hungarian Empire, which now is the northeast of Croatia, eaten Croatian food countless times, so I was really looking forward to this one! Instead of usually doing research for what recipes there are for a country, I put [...]

World Cup Cooking with kids


Multicultural Kid Blogs currently is celebrating the World Cup for Kids with all kinds of fun activities and information about the participating countries, including a great printable.

We did a compilation of World Cup recipes that you can make with your kids and we have posted them all in a guest post! So [...]

Portugal – Pão doce

Pao Doce

Unless you are Korea, you can find some sort of bread in every country, which is the beauty of it. They will have different meats, different vegetables or different spices, but they will have bread (unless you are Korea, that is). The fact that bread also is something that has a way [...]

Rice Krispies dinosaurs

Rice Krispie Dinosaurs

So it is the fifth day of  Craftulate‘s 5-day series titled “Play, Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs”…the fifth… oh, the last day! This means it is time for some food! You will not find a whole lot of dinosaur in the stores these days (must be out of season, I reckon), so [...]

Dinosaur double chocolate cookies (Scented dough)

Dinosaur double chocolate cookies (Scented dough)

(Apr. 10, 2014) This month’s sensory from the series of Lemon Lime Adventures is scented dough! The only stipulation was that it was scented, the rest was open, but so many scented doughs already have been done, cloud dough, play dough and all, so for a whole month we were agonizing about which [...]

Slow cooker apple pie bread pudding

Slow cooker apple pie bread pudding

(January 26, 2014) I love bread pudding, ever since my mom used to make scheiterhaufen (which literally translated means funeral pyre), but that will be a different story and a different post. I  had this Austro-Bavarian delicacy countless times, in Quebec I enjoyed the pouding chomeur and now it was about time that [...]

Iceland – Rúgbrauð (Icelandic Thunder Bread)

Rúgbrauð (Icelandic Thunder Bread)

(March 16, 2014) If anyone would have told us that two years into “Around the World in 12 Dishes” we would still be cooking and baking away, we would have been very happy and also a little skeptical. After all two years are a big deal in [...]

Edible fluffbutter play dough

Edible fluffbutter play dough

(Mar. 7, 2014) This month’s sensory from the series of Lemon Lime Adventures is edible dough! I searched high and low trying to figure out a dough that our I Spy twist would work with, in the end I had to resign myself to the fact that it wasn’t possible or simply just [...]

Pancake day 2014 – donut pancakes

Pancake Day 2014 - donut pancake

One of the “holidays” Nico loves is Pancake Day! Nico asked when pancake day was early in February, he was pretty disappointed when I told him this year it was March 4th only, it was way too many days away! So I knew that after doing this the 2 previous with simple [...]

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