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One-ingredient cinnamon roll donuts

One-ingredient cinnamon roll donuts

It all started when I got the recipe for Cinnamon roll cake pops, a guest post from A Night Owl on I Heart Naptime, in my inbox. I don’t have the mold to make the pops but I have a mini donut maker! Alex got a tube and we got baking, Nico [...]

Portugal – Pão doce

Pao Doce

Unless you are Korea, you can find some sort of bread in every country, which is the beauty of it. They will have different meats, different vegetables or different spices, but they will have bread (unless you are Korea, that is). The fact that bread also is something that has a way [...]

Rice Krispies dinosaurs

Rice Krispie Dinosaurs

So it is the fifth day of  Craftulate‘s 5-day series titled “Play, Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs”…the fifth… oh, the last day! This means it is time for some food! You will not find a whole lot of dinosaur in the stores these days (must be out of season, I reckon), so [...]

Dinosaur double chocolate cookies (Scented dough)

Dinosaur double chocolate cookies (Scented dough)

(Apr. 10, 2014) This month’s sensory from the series of Lemon Lime Adventures is scented dough! The only stipulation was that it was scented, the rest was open, but so many scented doughs already have been done, cloud dough, play dough and all, so for a whole month we were agonizing about which [...]

Iceland – Rúgbrauð (Icelandic Thunder Bread)

Rúgbrauð (Icelandic Thunder Bread)

(March 16, 2014) If anyone would have told us that two years into “Around the World in 12 Dishes” we would still be cooking and baking away, we would have been very happy and also a little skeptical. After all two years are a big deal in [...]

Canada – Bannock

Metis Bannock

Don’t panic – we got bannock!

(February 5, 2014) Canada – our home country and how much more Canadian can you get than going native Canadian? We have had bannock before on a native reserve here right next to Calgary, but it is fried, so we had a [...]

Valentine’s Day peanut butter cookies

Valentine's Day peanut butter cookies

(February 13, 2014) Yesterday I got those Peanut-Butter and Chocolate Heart Cookies from Mama Miss in my inbox and right away I knew I had to make them. For every holiday we give something homemade to our chiro that saved my life (she really did) and I knew those were “it”. Now [...]

Jamaica – Baked & fried festivals

Baked Jamaican festivals

(February 3, 2014) Yah-man – we are traveling to Jam-eh-ca (must be Canadian, no?) and having ourselves some festivals! No, we are not celebrating or partying, but one of the Caribbean island’s favourite snacks, which often are served either as a dessert or as a side with some ackee and saltfish or many [...]

Apple Cinnamon Raisin Bran Muffins

apple cinnamon raisin brand muffins w2

(November 15, 2013) I got recent blood tests, telling me I have high cholesterol, so I asked the doctor what I can do naturally to lower my cholesterol levels, obviously other than Cheerios. He suggested Metamucil, Benefiber or All-Bran and we went with All-Bran, since it’s more natural and everybody can have it [...]

New Zealand – Kiwi Chocolate Cake

Kiwi Chocolate Cake w

(September 17, 2013) Have you ever experienced an accidental blog post? No, I don’t mean the kind where you accidentally hit “publish” too soon, but where a way to use some fruit before they go bad turns into a full dish for “Around the World in 12 [...]

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