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Korea – Beef Bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi w

Korea has been the biggest case of stumpedness since we started out “Around the World in 12 Dishes”. As you probably know, we’ve set ourselves the challenge to bake a bread for every country we “visit”, and with Korea hit the proverbial brickwall. A friend of mine [...]

Slow cooker apple compote

Slow cooker apple cinnamon compote

This is a revised version of our original apple compote recipe. We gave out our last batch before leaving Montreal for Calgary, so we had to make more once we got here. Nico’s a big fan of compote, but not so much apple sauce, so to continue our slow cooker try-outs we decided to [...]

Spain – Euskal oilasko erregosia (Basque chicken stew)

Euskal oilasko erregosia (Basque chicken stew)

After our move across the country, we are still in catch-up mode for Spain and after searching all over the internet for something interesting to do, we originally selected a few dishes and in the end we stumbled over an easy looking slow cooker recipe in a collection of recipes by Pillsbury (go [...]

Slow cooker strawberry jam

Slow cooker strawberry jam - on a biscuit

(July 3, 2013) Many swear by slow cooker cooking, I must say I never got what the big fuss was about so I never owned one, until recently when one was given to me as a gift by my mother, cause she liked the design on it, lol. I agree the design is [...]

Slow cooker apple cinnamon raisin bread

Slow cooker apple cinnamon raisin bread

(July 3, 2013) As part of our new slower cooker try-outs, we decided to slow cook a banana bread from Moms with Crockpots but the bananas had gotten moldy so plan B it was, apple sauce instead, cinnamon and raisins.

As usual I had my little helper. He thought it was [...]

Easy no-bake Canada Day/Fourth of July cake

Easy no-bake Canada Day/Fourth of July cake

(July 1st, 2013) Two days ago, I found this amazingly good looking recipe on TheKitchn for an icebox cake. It reads really good but honestly it read a little long and high calories so I came up with the “lazy-lower-calories-toddler-helper” version.

We got light whipped topping, which Nico tried for the [...]

France – Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon

Since our French bread was such a big success, our second attempt at a French recipe turned out to be a very tasty, although very difficult dish to type (a big THANK YOU to whoever invented copy and paste!) – Boeuf Bourguignon.

For a long time now Nico has been a [...]

Counting to share a sweet surprise

Counting to share a sweet surprise

At the end of December 2012, we had made DIY Cadbury clusters (Knusperflocken) while Alex was off work and we had so much we decided to share with Alex colleagues for their return to work/new year start as a sweet little surprise

Nico chose a pack of appropriately themed cellophane [...]

Easy summer fruit cake

Easy summer fruit cake

For my birthday this year, I wanted a cake that I had over 15 years ago, yes I still remember it because it was that good! It’s super easy and quick to make. We made it after diner and 30 minutes (little one’s help tends to delay things, lol) later we were having [...]

DIY Cadbury clusters (Knusperflocken)

DIY Cadbury clusters

(Dec. 26, 2012) Alex had asked his mom to bring things from his grandma who passed away a few months before Nico was born. One thing she brought was recipes and this was one of them. After he translated it, I realized it sounded a lot like those yummy chocolate raisin Cadbury clusters. [...]

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