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Cornstarch clay hearts pin

Cornstarch clay hearts pin

In yesterday’s post we shared our Valentine’s Day cornstarch clay decorations, but we also did something else with those. You may have noticed in one of the pics Nico was cutting a smaller heart in the middle of a big one? Those were clearly too small to hang but I didn’t want [...]

Bilingual focus word of the year canvas

Bilingual focus word of the year canvas

(Jan. 1-2, 2014) So I was reading posts in my group of blogging moms and one was mentioning the post of another about a family word of the year and how amazing it was, I was curious so I asked for the link. I read the post and fell in love with the [...]

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

Counting and alphabet octopuses (or jellyfishes)

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(July 30, 2013) Nico went to Michaels’ Craft Camp this summer, his first activity without Maman and Papa. To add to the mix it was in English, which at that time he only understood, but did not speak. The second [...]

Kid-made dream catcher

Kid-made dream catcher

(August 30, 2013) Today I was looking for some Egyptian crafts for the next country of  Around the World in 12 Dishes and I found this Pinterest board in my email recommendations, while looking I found this craft for Canada (which is the last country for ATWI12D this year), I was planning to [...]

Papier mâché hen challenge

Papier mâché hen challenge -  results

A few months back Molly Moo published a picture of a very cool papier mâché Hen that she had made at her papier mâché course. This precipitated a Hen Craft Challenge which Alex & I agreed to take part in, and of course Nico helped a little and also requested his own so we [...]

Kid painted chairs

Kid painted chairs - pirate themed

(Jan. 23, 2012) I bought little wood chairs a long time ago (pre Nico) at a thrift shop, I knew I’d have kids and wanted good old solid wood furniture. So now years later, Nico was using them in their used white paint. One day, I asked him if he wanted to paint [...]

Peanuts snowman magnets

Peanut snowman magnets

Regular blog post [...]

Real fall leaf magnets


(Oct 18, 2012) I’ve been pondering how to preserve fall leaves, I tried Mod Podge, they curled up. I thought of contact paper, but it doesn’t seal that well… I was talking with hubby about my conundrum when he came up with a BRILLIANT idea! So I tried his brilliant idea after nap [...]

DIY Octonauts finger puppets

Octonauts finger puppets - hand

(July 6, 2012) So for a while now, Nico has been obsessed with the Octonauts, and of course wanted to play with them. Ick, you can’t find them in stores here, so after seeing Curious George’s “Sock Monkey Opera” episode, Nico wanted puppets. I brushed it off and got him busy with [...]

DIY themed word sight cork board

DIY themed word sight cork board - results

I got this farm fabric in the States that I knew Nico would love, since he loves everything farm for the last year. I only got a yard (asked for a meter, force of habit, but the girl said nope, jokingly and offered me a yard instead), it was a little pricey but [...]

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