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Quick kindergartener Halloween party

Quick kindergartener Halloween party!

(Oct. 24, 2014) We had our Homeschool kinder co-op Halloween party. It was quick, simple and the kids had fun.

The kids put on their costumes, of course. The little brother and sister too.

It was in the morning, everyone brought a little something, [...]

Kid-made Q-tip painted ghostly pop-up card

Kid-made Q-tip painted ghostly pop-up cardhalloween pop up cards w1

Inspired by Crafty Morning, I showed Nico this craft and asked him, if he wanted to do a Halloween card version of this for his friends. And he said yes But I’m a little OCD when it comes to erasers on pencils and there is no way that I am wasting a [...]

Paper roll bats

Paper roll bats

After our Paper roll mummies and Paper roll cats, it’s now time for our last Halloween family – our Paper roll bats! They are closely related to our cats, since you need almost the exact same things to make them, which makes them so easy!

Again I flattened [...]

Paper roll cats

Paper roll cats

Our paper roll mummies managed to get us into the Halloween spirit and sparked some more ideas! After the wrapping of the mummies I wanted to satisfy Nico’s love for painting and thought of black cats as something else Halloween related. So we pulled out some more toilet paper rolls (of [...]

Paper roll mummies

Paper roll mummies

As most of you have noticed, we haven’t posted many crafts in the last nine to ten months, because Nico was pretty much against it, since it was “too much work” and “too long” according to him. So we have been mostly cooking, hence the influx of recipes. But for Halloween, I wanted [...]

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